Thursday, January 1, 2009

all i want for christmas is half a front tooth

after a great day of tubing on the st johns river behind my uncle marks house, i was sitting on the porch with my aunt and parents and jeremy just talking and eating when i realized that part of what i was eating was half my front tooth.

a little history: when i was in fifth grade, katherine lindholm and i were doing flips on her bad and i connected my face with her footboard. i chipped both my front teeth then. the dentist in wichita fixed them. a year or so later, i dropped my pencil in church and turned around to get it and smacked into the metal bar running along the back of the chair. one of them broke again. i think this was when grandma and grandpa (abood) were visiting us and my grandpa (a dentist) fixed it for me at a dental office in wichita. some time after that, i was using a hula hoop as a jumping rope on our trampoline and knocked the other tooth half off. it got fixed. the fourth and final time (before this week) was in 8th grade during basketball practice. mary norton and i were fighting over a loose ball and her elbow got my tooth (the same one that just broke). i was rather disappointed that time that i didnt get a fat lip, so i would at least have battle wounds to show for all my trouble. it got fixed again and i havent worried about it in years (only when i go to a new dentist and they get aggressive with the floss).

well hopefully i won tever have to worry about this again. if i had a dollar for everyone who said "good thing it happened here." "couldnt have happened at a better place." "youre so lucky you happened to be here of all places." etc i would have at least $20 because thats about how many people were at the house. yes i was very lucky because uncle mark and aunt teresa are both dentists. they took me to their office (which is new and awesome) and fixed me right up. an hour later my tooth looks better than ever! and, since i was such a good patient, i got to sit in the massage chair for 10 minutes. it even does feet and lower legs. amazing!

i am so grateful to uncle mark for fixing my mouth!!!!

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