Thursday, January 29, 2009

i thought of more!

26. the #1 fashion crime, in my ever so humble opinion, is wearing a blue shirt with blue jeans. especially when they are both light or both dark. ick! #2 would be wearing a jean jacket with jeans. especially the same wash. suits made of demin are ugly. just remember that.

27. i got to help the vets at the vet school at k-state operate on an 8 foot long boa constrictor with a mouth tumor. it took about 15 of us to hold it down even though it was also drugged.

28. i am paralyzingly afraid of earthquakes. if the big one hits while we still live in california i will be dead because i wont remember to get under the table or into a doorway. however, if i live, kris has an earthquake kit.

29. my best friend lives exactly 2013 miles away. (good one anna!)

30. even though i am almost always the tallest woman in the room, and usually taller than most of the men (except when i am with the kocis - jeremy, shane, and ryan... i really love you guys) i LOVE wearing high heels. mostly stilettos, mostly 3 in high. if i am goig to be taller anyways might as well enjoy it!

31. i love magnetic poetry. my fridge at home and filing cabinets at work are covered with it.

32. i know every single word to every single dc talk song ever. including the raps. i used to play the tapes one word at a time (play! pause! play! pause!) to write down all the words to the raps so i could follow along until i learned them.

33. along the lines of memorization, no need to rent princess bride OR youve got mail. i can just recite them for you.

34. my favorite movies ever are star wars. we even exited the church on our wedding day to the star wars main title. john williams is a hero of mine. so is george lucas. and this might be a good time to re-mention that i have been in love with harrison ford since i was like 4.

35. i HATE checking voice mail at work but it drives me crazy when people call my cell phone and dont leave a message, especially when it is a number i dont recognize.

36. i have owned a car from each of the decades i have lived in. turbo the volvo was born in 1982 and cost $800 (and was older than me!), walter the achieva was born in 1996, and rex the yaris was born in 2007. i love my yaris!

37. i have lived in three states, five cities, and thirteen (possibly more) addresses.

38. the only thin hampering my dream of being a famous singer is that fact that while ive got rhythm, i dont got pitch.

39. i was born in the year of the rat. ive always hated that. i wanted to be the year of the horse. or dog. anything but a rat!

40. for the amount and volume of my talking, my mouth is really quite small. ask uncle mark. he was shocked.

41. my small mouth contributes to this: one food i cannot abide even touching is marshmallows. they slowly have gotten more and more disgusting to me. it all started with a tragic game of chubby bunny in 4th grade and slowly progressed from there. i think the last time i touched one was in college when mandy and i deocrated shane and jeremys dorm room and trucks with them. when we campi usually eat just graham crackers and chocolate. (or skip dessert altogether and just enjoy my mixie drink)

last night i was laying in bed trying to sleep and kep tthinking of more things to add. so if i think of more i will let you know.


annaO said...

#26: OH MY GOSH YES. I call Justin a blue pole when he does this. It really bugs him so he doesn't do it anymore. Mission Accomplished!

#27: Me too!

#39: At least it's not the year of the pig. Mmmm...boar.

Mandy said...

I completely agree with you on #35 and I am still laughing about #41. We were either really bored or really creative, or a nice combination of the two! Good times!