Saturday, January 10, 2009

things that make me feel like a grown up

i dont think that anything i do makes me feel more like a real live adult than dropping off and picking up dry cleaning. i paid bills and had a job in college. i had to get my car fixed and buy my own clothes etc. but i do not believe i ever dry cleaned anything until i started my "real" (aka 40 hour work week) job and even then i held off as long as possible using dryel etc. there comes a time in every girls life when the pants need new creases (i sure as hell am not going to put them there). that time came today.

dry cleaning was the first of many errands which including finishing my christmas shopping (at work we are celebrating next friday so i am not late thank you very much) and buying some new clothes! yay christmas money!!! i also went to the library. working hard on my reading list for 2009. any suggestions?

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Han said...

Ahhhhhh hello you! LA huh? How's life?