Monday, January 26, 2009

started bad, ended pretty good

when i got to work this morning the alarm (the one to tell kids when to change classes and start/end school; sounds like an old fashioned alarm clock) was going off. apparently it had been going off since at least sunday. it continued to go off for at least the first 45 minutes that i was trying to work. finally our maintenance guy fixed it. during this time i realized that the server was down and i couldnt check my emails or access the shared drives that i store all my important documents on. great. thats okay - the internet was working so i facebooked and yahooed the morning away.

shortly after the school alarm went off, the server room alarm went off. this one is more of a high pitched whine. that continued for about 2 hours. lovely. i was almost ready to quit when our (mostly worthless) it guy showed up and fixed both the alarm and the server. finally i could get some work done. oh yay.

my day took a turn for the better when ellen gave me a bottle of nail polish that she found at home and didnt want and thought i would like. it is named "skin tight denim" so of course i like it. dark blue - so hot right now. so i painted my nails at work this afternoon. layoffs? what layoffs?

i was able to go to my favorite class with my favorite teacher at the gyym tonight.

then, when i got home, i got a facebook message from my "son" russ, who informed me that i needed to drink some beer in honor of his home country. apparently, jan 26 is australia day. (in completely unrelated news, australia was the word that lost me the spelling bee in 3rd grade. i still get nervous and sweaty when i have to spell it. it was between me and another kid and i lost!) so jeremy ran right out and bought some fosters (australian for beer!) and boddingtons ( i know it is an english beer but it is the only kind of beer i will actually drink and arent australians all english criminals if you trace their roots back far enough anyways?) and we watched west wing and drank beer. so the crappy monday wound up alright after all.

this ones for you russell murphy! we miss you!

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mommy said...

ya'll are cute.