Friday, January 9, 2009

lance's birthquake

yesterday was lances 38th birthday so kris brought brownies to small group last night to celebrate. a few minutes after we all got to dan and bridgets house the windows started rattling and the ground was shaking. yep. my third earthquake. terrifying as usual. it was a 4.5 centered in san bernadino so we felt it in pasadena but we may not have felt it if we had been at home in the valley. lance was in california during the 1994 northridge earthquake so he wasnt scared at all. give me a hurricane or tornado any day!

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Fair Weather Runner said...

WOW. I just talked to Kris she didn't mention the Earthquake, I think she gets very excited about them. That Lance, always shaking things up, HA, get it, do you get it? .... ohhhhhh SO HORRIBLE.