Thursday, January 1, 2009

well read?

my reading update: i read 529 books in 2008. thats almost 1.5 per day. some were big (900+ pages) some were little (150-200 pages), there were a couple graphic novels, lots of young adult literature (where were all these authors when i was in high school???), and loads of fun.

jeremy is the best husband because he always drives and lets me read in the car, read while we watch tv, and read at the beach.

i hope i read lots more good books in 2009 but i am not going to make a numerical goal. too much pressure for a relaxing activity. (is this a good activity?)


Fair Weather Runner said...

That is seriously impressive. I read two books in 2008. Yep, two.

niKnox said...

wow and i thought i read a lot. thats impressive. how do you keep track of everything you read - or do you keep track? i am half way thru the twilight series - love it. it's just fun. glad you understand me :)