Wednesday, January 28, 2009

jessie, this one's for you

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

so everyone has been doing it, and enough people have tagged me that i guess it is time to fall victim to peer pressure and jump on the bandwagon and all that stuff. it is hard to think of 25 completely unique random things about myself so if you think hey i wrote that too dont hate.

1. i wouldnt go as far as saying i love it, but i really dont mind being poked with needles. a month of going to the doctor every day freshman year of high school will do that for a person i guess. so now i love giving blood (and make jeremy give too!) as you may have noticed from previous posts.

2. in high school (and growing up) i HATED running. now, i do it for fun. i pay to run. i get up an hour early to run. im still not fast and i dont run very far but im doing it dammit!

3. our marriage has gone through some reversals. when we started dating, jeremy loved country music and used to torture me by making me listen to it. now, the country station is on my set of presets in the car and not his at all. (anyone who knew me in high school and college is laughing pretty hard right now)

4. anna and i have made a pact that after we have kids if we get fat we are going on the biggest loser. we love that show!

5. speaking of tv, jeremy thought getting me a dvr would help us watch less tv. boy was he wrong!

6. i am about to do something i have never done this weekend (skiing) and next weekend (not telling, but it is RANDOM).

7. one time in high school we tp-ed matts house and he caught us and cleaned it up. we went back a couple hours later and dug the tp out of the trash bag and used it again on him. one of my shining moments.

8. in high school i was voted "most opinionated" for our academy awards themed prom. i guess if you know me, that fact isnt all that random.

9. speaking of the academy awards, i get to go again this year. (yeah again - i went last year too!)

10. my cat, cricket, thinks she is a dog. it is pretty adorable.

11. my degree is in business management and gerontology, but i work with kids. sort of.

12. if you add them all up, i have had 10 grandparents in my life. thats a lot. never all at the same time though.

13. i am taking a cake decorating class. it starts next weekend. two of my friends from work are taking it too. those poor people arent going to know what hit them!

14. i basically got my entire department at work to read the twilight series. we trade the books back and forth like they are crack. just cant get enough!

15. i have two tattoos and 6 piercings (if you add of each one in my ears separately). also my hair was blue for a while.

16. everyone that works at the valley plaza branch of the los angeles public library knows me by sight.

17. if i could go on a date with any celebrity, i would have a hard time choosing between stephen colbert, joel mchale and ewan mcgregor. that is if harrison was unavailable.

18. jeremy was my first kiss.

19. matthew perry goes to my gym. on chandler st. if thats not random i dont know what is.

20. everything i know about politics i learned from watching west wing. season 7 of that show is why/how obama got elected. i would vote for matt santos if i was given the option. or for jed bartlett for that matter.

21. i havent had any soda for two years now.

22. or pig or shellfish. or white bread.

23. things that make me crazy: people who double park, people with words written across the butts of their pants, women at the gym who arent wearing a sports bra or in some cases a bra at all, people who ask the same questions over and over, especially at work, the fact that the number of buns never matches the number of hotdogs, selfishness, excess, smoking, intolerance. among other things. dont you worry. i wont list them all here.

24. i am a rules person. if we are playing a game, or driving, or doing anything else, i like to follow the rules. i am also somewhat of a hallway monitor. i cant break the rules and neither can you! it follows that i understand gods justice a lot better than his mercy.

25. i used to play monopoly by myself for hours at a time. no one else would play with me. strange as it may seem coming on the heels of my last entry, but i made up my own rules so it became a single player game, me against the bank, playing until i had all the money and all the property. when i would land on a property that i owned, the bank would pay me rent. somehow, i never lost. please keep in mind i was about 9 at the time. dont judge me.

it is really hard to think of all these things right in a row. best of luck to those i tag.

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