Saturday, January 3, 2009

castillo de san marcos

bryce is such a goof.

one of my favorite places in saint augustine is the fort. it is the oldest fort in america. when we went there when i was younger there were no reenactors like there were this trip. they had guys (volunteers dressed in woolen suits in florida in the winter are cool... in the summer just crazy!) who marched in formation and did drills with the cannons just like they would have done in the 1500 and 1600s. pretty cool. and loud! the guy leading them said all the commands in spanish - very authentic. you can tell by looking who is old and who is new. one summer in the florida sun would fade that suit like crazy.

there were also more people there than there ever has been before. the st augustine chamber of commerce has really been working hard over the last few years!!! they have turned the fort site into a national park or something becuase there were park rangers everywhere. that was kinda weird. we did get to do the things i remember, like going into the barracks, and pretending to be locked in jail, etc. but they also had a bunch of interesting bulletin boards and displays set up so we learned stuff too. fun and educational. who could ask for more?

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annaO said...

That is an AMAZING t-shirt!

(When I wrote that, I accidently left a very important letter out of the word shirt and almost left you a profanity! ha!)