Sunday, May 31, 2009

cricket in bed

This is how I wake up most mornings... I love my cat.
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8th grade graduation day

thursday morning the whole family headed to central. max had graduation rehearsal, my dad had some work to do, and my mom, jeremy and i had a photo op spot to make and decorations to oversee. we stapled the mural to a little wall and collected plants from all over the church. i got to sprinkle grad confetti on the cookie tables (i dont know why i love this task so much but i really do) and finish max's tri-fold.

then my mom and i left so i could get my hair cut and we could go get fantastic pedicures. the girlie afternoon was interupted by some minor car trouble (like most of the time it wouldnt start, wouldnt start, then all of the sudden it started) and by lunch with the boys at chipotle. we all headed home to shower and change for the ceremony in the evening. that was the longest graduation ever. the kids "recited" (read from a cue card) their class verses, "sang" a class song (only about 8 of the 54 kids actually sang), lots of awards were handed out (the ross lamp and trey fraser awards being the most notable of those) and received blessings from mr pew, then finally they could get their diplomas. after receiving the diploma, each kid would walk down the side stagwe where all the teachers were standing to give hugs and high fives. the stupid teacher that almost failed max told him something about how she was surprised he did it, or something equally rude. ick. i got to see tons of my old middle school teachers, including mrs turner and mr pew, mr crow, mrs matticks... and lots of old friends and friends' parents. we went into central court for some punch and cookies then hit the road to a real restaurant for some drinks and appetizers before heading home for more SNL and sleep.

hanging with the fam

when we got to kansas on wednesday afternoon, my mom picked us up at MCI. we went to legends and ate lunch/dinner at granite city (city? granite something). when we walked in jeremy realized that he knew a whole table of men from k-state. ben kohl, the head of the housing and dining ambassadors when i was there, and dr. tracz, the head of the band for jeremy, shane and ryan were with two other guys i dont know. we talked for a while and then they left to a royals game and we left forwichita. the main project for wednesday night was to finish max's tri-fold board for graduation the next day. my mom had the board and most of the pictures so we did almost the whole thing (there were a couple pictures to print and a few words to print that we did on thursday)

after craft time was over we snuggled on the couch and watched season 3 of saturday night live. there were some funny sketches but overall i would say they hit their stride sometime in season 4 and beyond. although "two wild and crazy guys" is always good for a laugh. i fell asleep on the couch watching tv (hey thats jeremy's job!) and we all headed to bed for graduation day on thursday.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


since i now have successfully completed runs in two states and three cities (and maybe next year i will have goals related to racing in different states) i feel i am fuly qualified to discuss the differences in running in different parts of the USA.

i posted already about wichita but to recap: humid and even though there are sidewalks and crosswalks, no driver is prepared to see anyone actually using them

auburn: i ran home after camping from grandma and grandpas to shane and darcis (2.91 miles). there are TONS of cyclists on aubrun road. they all at least did a head nod and smile (we were headed opposite directions on the same side of the road, so i could see all their faces) and one guy even gave me a high five. later in the day we saw some members of jeremy's extended family and they asked if i had been "that pretty girl running down auburn road". i guess there isnt a lot of foot traffic over there. there was also the humidity and auburn has some little hills that were great to "try" and run (walk) up. also, i learned that it is hard enough to walk on gravel roads, much less run/jog. so the last little section of my run was really a power walk.

north hollywod: this thursday i went back to running my usual route (although i switched it up and ran in reverse) in our neighborhood. i saw lots more runners than usual (it was a particularly gorgeous day). at the end my mouth and throat were bone dry - i love running in the desert! several cars pulled into the crosswalk, saw me coming, and reversed for me. thats how it is supposed to be people. pedestrians have the right of way. lapd tickets people for pulling into the crosswalk on main streets. i have a long, very gentle hill when i run in reverse which is nice. (by running in reverse i mean turning left from our apartment building not right... NOT running backwards. that would just be weird.)

i am excited to learn a new running route soon - as soon as we have any more moving details i will let you all know!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

i hate bugs

one great thing about living in socal is the lack of bugs. we have prolly swatted about 4 flies in the 3.5 years we've lived here. there is the occasional spider on the ceiling, and you all know about the cockroach infestation in our apartment building, but other than that there are literally NO BUGS here. when we go camping we may encounter a mosquito or two, but even then it is nothing like normal places.

all this to say: one thing i noticed when we were in kansas is the insane amount and types of bugs that were around. gnats, june bugs (i really really really don't remember these from when we lived there and could there possible be a nastier sounding and looking bug?), mosquitos, and... TICKS.

last night i fell asleep before jeremy and woke up in the middle of the night when he got out of bed. i asked him what he was doing and he didnt reply. then i told him i was cold and he covered me up and i fell right back into and sound and dreamless sleep. this morning i was getting in the shower and he came into the bathroom (he ususally doesnt even get out of bed until i leave in the mornings). i asked him what he was doing out of bed and he replied "checking you for ticks. i found one on your back last night - thats what i was doing when you woke up - throwing it away." squeeeeee! he did his inspection and i felt around on my scalp and i believe myself to currently be tick free. but im super itchy and paranoid now. i feel like the spot on my back is itching and am worried about rocky mountain spotted fever, even though i dont even know the symptoms. quick someone - distract me!

there are no blood sucking ticks in los angeles... or at least the ones that are here have the decency to walk on two legs and wear power suits. im not nearly as afraid of that kind.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Things I Learned Today

1. Just because Murray, my parents' golden retriever, lost 20 pounds since last year when we were here doesn't mean he can run any faster or longer.

2. The remnants of a cold combined with running (jogging really, see previous entry) in a part of the country that actually has humidity (as opposed to the desert that we live in) makes for an interesting time. When I could breathe it felt like I was breathing in soup.

3. Wichita drivers have absolutely zero concept of a pedestrian and their rights. I don't even know how many times we almost got run over while running in a designated crosswalk zone. We only went about 1.58 miles and got almost hit about 10 times. Sheesh.

So today was my unofficial fairweather runners day. Even though I didn't run with any of those girls, I was running in the wichita city limits so I think it should count. Can I get my t-shirt, beka? :)
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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AI: the final performance episode

adam's first performance... missy doesnt see the resemblance to ewan mcgregor. i'm shocked. she also hasnt seen trainspotting so maybe thats why. he better win or this whole show is bunk.

kris's music coupon idea is kinda lame but sweet. but still, kinda lame. im glad kris picked aint no sunshine when shes gone. this was one of my favorite performances that he gave all season.

ryan said simon says kris won the first round. so i guess that round one goes to you, kri... who am i kidding? this is my blog. adam is freaking amazing.

round 2: change gon' come. not my favorite ever. sam cooke is pretty awesome. adam in a suit is kinda unbelieveable. and not in a good way. can you believe i just said something almost negative about adam? me either.

kris... war is not the answer - you are correct. so just give up already, call a truce and let adam win.

adam - to the victor go the spoils. like the privelege of singing a really horrible song for all of america.

Monday, May 18, 2009

griffith observatory

saturday afternoon we picked missy up from lax and after showering (we had a football game earlier) we all headed to the griffith observatory. parking is limited, and the observatory is at the top of a large hill/small mountain so we parked and hiked up to the building. it is a beautiful building with cool statues and murals and exhibits. after poking around some of the exhibits and eating dinner at the cafe at the end of the universe we entered the planetarium for one of the movie presentations "centered in the universe." although i got mildly motion sick during part of it, overall the experience was amazing. they really do an amazing job of showing the different theories on our solar system from the 1200s on, as well as putting into perspective the constellations and solar systems/galaxies in our universe. it was educational and fun. when the presentation was over we went outside to chill and look at the lights of los angeles. the city really is beautiful at night.


last night (around 8:30ish) i was in the shower rinsing my hair dye out (it was girls' night) and missy came into the bathroom...

"did you feel that?"


"i think it was an earthquake."

"sometimes when the amtrak goes by i think it is an earthquake. when i get out i'll check."


i got out and dried off and refreshed my twitter feed. sure enough, all my los angeles area tweeps were tweeting about the quake: a 4.7 centered in inglewood. i didnt feel it but missy was excited to have survived her first earthquake. you're not in kansas anymore! :D

Friday, May 15, 2009

oh, miss california

ok so honestly, what is the big deal with miss california? she said in the pageant that in her opinion marriage should be between a man and a woman and that she wasnt trying to offend anyone. whether or not you agree with that (lots of people do, and lots of people don't), do you not agree that she is entitled to present her opinion in a respectful way when asked a direct question? or are only people who share the opinions of whoever is asking the question allowed to speak? if she had said something hateful about gay people or done one of those bait and switch where she answered whatever question they asked her with her opinion on gay marriage (i.e. what is your opinion on the war in the middle east? well, i think that we wouldnt be at war with them if we could only ban gay marriage...) then that would be a problem for me. whatever happened to freedom of speech? miss california has a right to her opinion just as much as perez hilton does or you or i do.

then ther is the issue of the naked (or semi-naked) pictures. im not sure exactly what is written in her contract or who leaked the pictures, but that was her own fault. if you take naked pictures, or make a sex tape, or let your friends take photos of you toking up at a party and then become famous/successful, chances are those pictures/videos will show up. duh! so either dont do it at all or own up to it and deal. its a beauty pageant, excuse me... scholarship competition, contract and show, not rocket science. does anyone even watch these any more? with all the better reality crap on tv who needs fake looking model types strutting around in bathing suits and answering stupid questions with stupider answers?

this whole thing became a "scandal" when in reality no one even cares. the donald and his hair dont even care, and its his scholarship competition. why should the rest of america?

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI: judges' choice and contestant's choice

paula chose dance little sister for danny's first song. speaking of paula, she is really really sparkly tonight. speaking of danny, i feel like i am at a carmen concert. yes, i have in fact been to a carmen concert (my very first concert ever). i am waiting for danny to start counting backwards from ten. seriously - light99 can i get a witness? cheeseball city.

randy and cara texted kris with apologize as his song. shameless in show advertising for the cell phone company. i love this song. the best memory i have of it is from jessie's last dance recital. the dance that guy did was amazing. kris is ok but sounding a little country to me. not hitting the "too" high note. i thought he was going home last week but i guess i will have to amend that and say maybe this week?

i miss allison.

hey adam - c'mere and stand in front of this att store. wait a little to the left... ok perfect. now look hot and play with your att phone. real subtle guys. simon is all "i called up bono yada yada yada" and here is adam singing one. OMG i just figured out why i am so in love with adam. he totally and completely looks like ewan mcgregor with darker hair and some eyeliner added. and who out there doesnt like a little eye liner on their men? am i right ladies? :D hes all smolder-y. totally deserves to win this thing.

danny again - you are so beautiful. i freaking love this song. but once again with his interpretation i feel like i am at a cheesy christian "rocker" concert from the late 80s/early 90s. the gospel choir backing him up would be awesome on a sunday at church but weird on stage at ai.

this is like the fourth remake of heartless i have heard in the last couple weeks. kris's version why was better than kanye's, and better than that annoying girl mia from taking the stage (why oh why am i so in love with that show?) but not better than the fray's version. their version was hot. but this was definitely the better of his two performances tonight.

oh adam, i'll be cryin if you leave me tonight on the results show! but i must say, this wasnt the best performance you have had on the show. which is not to say it isnt great. just saying. hes still amazing though no doubt.

Monday, May 11, 2009

what a weekend!

this was the most exhausting weekend we have had in a long long time. friday night we were in pasadena for broke rehearsals. the auditorium were we were rehearsing (and where our final performance is on friday) has no air con. i think i lost ten pounds over the course of the weekend. we were really sweating it out, especially us stage crew types who are in charge of moving lots of tables and chairs and walls over the course of te 45 minutes show. the 45 minute show that took 5 hours to run through once on friday. we got home around 12:30am and after a wonderful shower (its better than that first shower after a week at camp) collapsed into bed.

saturday's rehearsals ran from 10 am to 6:30pm. jeremy went and help dan and bridget move after dropping me off at home. sunday dawned bright and early when the alarm went off at 5:15 am. we got up, put on our black clothes, stopped to get coffee and bagels for cast and crew, and headed to beverly hills for a 7am call time. we had to re-set and spike the entire set (multiple times) so we were worn out before the first show even started. 11:15 am was the first show of the day. we had a pretty good show, especially considering the energy level of the audience was low and there were a few technical problems. as soon as that show was finished we repacked teh truck, slammed down some quiznos (thanks goodie), and headed over to the mayan nightclub to set up for our final two performances of the night, at 6 and 8pm. after re-unloading the truck (that process just never gets old... ok thats a lie, it got old after the first time) and resetting and spiking the scens multiple times we were ready for the 6 o clock show... which, while not a total disaster wasnt exaqctly up to usual performance standards. one actors's microphone wasnt wokring the entire time, even after battery replacement and several sound guys looking at it. lights came up during a scene change - awkward! im wearing black in order to be invisible. i wanted to be on stage i would have put on more makeup and worn a cuter outfit. thanks though. we missed a couple of set placements (the spike tape disappeared - awesome) so one scene was lit really really strangely. the computer that played the dvds of the short films the actors made crashed mid-show and we missed seeing an important piece. little things but added together i was feeling really defeated. not to mention exhausted. and since we hadnt been eating or sleeping properly for the last couple days my stomach was not thrilled with what i was up to. ugh. the 8 o clock show was amazing though. and i know people were still touched by the message of the shows when stuff was messed up. afterwards we re-re-loaded the truck to send it back to pasadena to unload on thursday, respike everything and repeat the entire process again on friday. the show that never ends. for such a short show it really took over our lives this past week.

thankfully everyone we are working with is amazing and has awesome attitudes. most veryone we have worked with on other shows or on sunday mornings so it is fun seeing friends that we see rarely. althoguh next time we want to get together guys, lets just go out for dinner and drinks instead of creating all this work.

i made it through three hours of work this morning before coming home and crashing.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


today was an 8 hour rehearsal in mott auditorium, which among other things cannot claim and air con as its very own. it was hot and miserable for some parts but fun and rewarding for some parts. i had to leave for our flag football game in the middle (although i didnt miss very much apparently).

during the game i caught a pass and ran about 60 yds which eventually resulted in a touchdown. caught another ball and got a first down. almost got an interception and in any case caused the other team to not get the ball. the best part was this: we finally won our first game thirty-something to twenty-something. yay laces out! seriously i felt amazing. i got a couple of comgratulatory slaps on the butt... it was great - the guys immediately apologized and were all like "well its a good thing your husband isnt here!" seriously guys its a butt slap during a football game. not a grab and shake. we're cool. jeremy doesnt care. he off playng with sweaty cute little dancer girls while im footballing it up with sweaty personal trainer boys. we have a great marriage (four years in a couple weeks!) and that sort of thing helps. :D

the show is tomorrow and then we have one mroe rehearsal on thursday and one final performance on friday. i am SO thankful that beverly hills high school and the mayan nightclub have air con or else tomorrow's 15 hour day would be the most miserably 15 hours of my life. im pretty excited abotu the show. we have 3 performances but running time is only 45 mins so we will (hopefully, fingers crossed) have some down time tomorrow (although we have to reset and spike all the sets at two locations... hmmm...).

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AI: rock classics with slash

danny, allison, adam and kris. im pretty sure i knew three of the four of you would be here this week waaay back in week one. kris - who knew? but way to go! i am very intrigued by the idea of duets - can't wait to see who is paired with who! (whom?)

whole lotta love - the obligatory cliched cutesy phrase involviong the song title... ok here goes "adam needs a whole lotta love with your votes this week america so he doesnt get kicked off!" (beka no need for the bad bloggie award - everyone was given fair pre-cliche warning). when he grows up adam will be a rock god. just a little freebie fortune telling - and you didnt even have to dial a 900 number! hes got the eye makeup thing down pat. (also i would like to say that i typed the whole rock god thing before kara started talking. maybe i should be a judge on american idol for my new career?)

cry baby - i want purple streaks in my hair like allison's. what did she say was the name of the stylist again? allison is freaking awesome. what 16 year old do you know that can rock out like that with purple hair and leather pants? OMG i just realized - allison is max's invisible friend from when he was little. she sometimes had purple hair, soemtimes pink and was a little older than him. she would even eat dinner with us... allison and i are totally peeps! thanks max!

renegade: kris and danny... is there some way to have kris and danny reproduce? their voices together are far more than the individual ones to me. also i feel like they were playing rock band or something. pose much? is this what american idol concerts are like? maybe these guys should make an folksy album together (NOT a rock album).

come together: i lurve this song. the lyrics are to trippy and the vibe just rocks. if only kris's hair was a little bit longer and he could give it a good shake. i just dont buy his rock star persona. he seems like ke is trying too hard. which is fine - no one is making him put out a rock album. but i think this was the nail in the kris coffin.

dream on: interesting song choice. aerosmith is not easy to beat. also his microphone is suspiciously devoid of pretty ribbons and sparkly things. what kind of a rock show is this? this was not good. danny, dream on if you thnk this song will make more people like you. talk about rock band/karaoke. ick. (not like i could do better, but im not on national tv trying to convince people that they would want to buy my album.) also he picked his dorkiest glasses yet to wear tonight and i dont think ironically.

slow ride: in my dream world, adam is straight and he and allison get married and have lots of rock star babies and tour and are my friends and then live happily ever after with a slow ride into the sunset. life is not fantasy (usually) so i have to settle for a duet on american idol. but were they rocking or were they rocking? woot woot!

good bye kris - it was great knowing you. and i think it is dannys turn to fall below the yellow line as they say over on nbc.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Easter Fun

here is a video of the awesomeness that was round robin ping pong. we played in lance and kris's driveway for like an hour. SO fun. if you have a ping pong table i want to come over and play. ok?

Monday, May 4, 2009

may the fourth be with you

if i had known today was star wars day i might have woken up in a better mood. the day started off alright, as good as any monday at least. i got to work slighter later than usual (considering i left earlier i must have been subconsciously pedaling really really slowly) and went about my mornign routine of turning off all the alarms at school. when i got to my final alarm it would not turn off. i had been having trouble with this one last week and had thought nothing of it (that 20/20 hindsight thing - i definitely should have said something) so after futilely trying to turn the key and get the buzzer to stop i started freaking out. my mom was on the phone with me and can attest to this. she said it was like watching a movie where they are trying to kill a bomb. the red wire or the blue one????? 3... 2... 1... and the world is saved in the nick of time. well, this wasnt a happy ending story. the buzzer/bell combo continued to go off and although i was able to reach someone who was able to reach the alarm company to tell them it was malfunctioning and not to send a security guy, i had been running around and gotten all sweaty and my carefully straightened hair turned into a poof ball. ugh!

realizing that i could do nothing to further help (or complicate) the situation i went upstairs to the offices and finished my morning routines. the alarm kept going off. all morning. how are our children who already have trouble concentrating supposed to learn with the alarm not only just steadily going off, but by now randomly turning off and on of its own volition??? multiple people tried their alarm keys to turn it off permanently and... nothing. the alarm company guy came out and had to take the whole thing apart and solder some wires together. so now i have a new key and hopefully tomorrow is a brighter day.

also my internet/network drives werent working for my first two hours of work which meant i had to resort to filing. definitely a monday.


203rd in my age group (25-29)
643rd out of all the women
1423rd out of everyone

i ran about five minutes slower than my previous 10k time, at last year's santa monica classic, which means no predatory rabbit for me this time. however, considering the amount of training i did for this race compared to last year's, i was lucky to finish at all, much less decently close to my PR. my mile splits were about 11:09 but i ran/walked it so i was running at about 8:30 and walking around 15:00. i could be more specific, but my race morning started with me finding out my garmin watch, which i had specifically charged on saturday, was completely dead. i charged it for about ten minutes so it made it through mile 5 but not quite long enough to give me the full breakdown. that made me really angry and threw me out of the zone (the zone that i was clinging onto with my bloody fingernails and barely holding onto during the entire race). you can see how happy i was at the start of the race with all the other race peoples. compare and contrast to the photo on the right of me nearing the end of the race. i didnt want to start the race. i wanted to turn around with the rest of the 5k-ers. when i saw the guys running the other direction (31 min 10ks. are you freaking kidding me?) i wanted to ask a nice policeman to stop directing traffic and take me to my honey bunny who came with me even though he didnt have to in order to be my personal photographer. but i didnt. and here's what happened:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

candy girls

friday afternoon gaby, cara, karla and i stayed late after work to make candies for the staff for teacher appreciation week. why we had to make candy for the entire staff, including those who work off-site, for teacher appreciatin week is beyond me. but i learned some fun stuff and now offically know how to make candy! we made chocolate bars that say "thank you," chocolate covered oreos with apples on top, and chocolate covered graham crackers with sprinkles.
we melted white, brown and red chocolate in cara's special chocolate melter, and various pots from our houses that made pseudo-double boilers since none of us girls owned one. cara and karla had taken classes at kake kreations, so they taught me and gaby all about how to use the molds (tap tap tap) and freeze the candies to set. we dipped the oreos and after they were dry and the apple molds had set they attached the apples to the top of the oreos. gaby and i tag teamed the graham crackers. i was in charge of freezer rotation and sprinkles and she dipped. i hope everyone at work appreciates all the effort we put into this! i stayed until 5:15 (doesnt sound late but my new schedule has me off work at 3:30) and they were still going (but almost finished).

final frontier reading challenge

Final Frontier Reading Challenge.
A reading challenge with four levels of participation.All dedicated to a certain sub-genre of science fiction.Challenge is from April 6th through October 6th 2009.
Sign-up by leaving a comment on this blog post.

Those books dealing with space travel, exploration, colonization, etc.(Also anything with aliens is allowed either on our world or theirs.)
(Think Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles or Isaac Asimov's Foundation trilogy.)

Fly Me To the Moon: Perfect for newbies just beginning to explore science fiction OR for those with sci-fi lovers with busy schedules. Read ONE book.

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

Spaceman: Read two to three qualifying books. (Or if you like substitute a movie for one of the books.)

Bang, bang, shoot em' up, destiny
Bang, bang, shoot em' up to the moon
Bang, bang, shoot em' up one, two, three

Starman: Read four to six qualifying books. (Again, substitute a movie or two is fine. Especially if you'd like to compare the movie version to the book!)

There's a starman waiting in the sky
He'd like to come and meet us
But he thinks he'd blow our minds

Space Oddity: Perfect for those that can't get enough sci-fi! Read seven or more qualifying books!
I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today

1. star wars republic commando: triple zero - karen traviss
2. mona lisa awakening - sunny
3. mona lisa blossoming - sunny
4. fate of the jedi: abyss - troy denning
5. fate of the jedi: omen - christie golden
6. the fate of the jedi: outcast - aaron allston
7. lost tribe of the sith: skyborn - john jackson miller

Friday, May 1, 2009

Katana or Pig buns

I was too lazy to take a shower this morning but have been getting tons of comments on my sloppy pigtail buns. Armando said I look like Katana from mortal kombat and cristina said, "cute pigtails. I mean pig buns." Mikhail told me I look like pippi longstocking except he said it in russian so ellen had to translate. Who knew lazy hair was so popular?
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