Monday, May 4, 2009


203rd in my age group (25-29)
643rd out of all the women
1423rd out of everyone

i ran about five minutes slower than my previous 10k time, at last year's santa monica classic, which means no predatory rabbit for me this time. however, considering the amount of training i did for this race compared to last year's, i was lucky to finish at all, much less decently close to my PR. my mile splits were about 11:09 but i ran/walked it so i was running at about 8:30 and walking around 15:00. i could be more specific, but my race morning started with me finding out my garmin watch, which i had specifically charged on saturday, was completely dead. i charged it for about ten minutes so it made it through mile 5 but not quite long enough to give me the full breakdown. that made me really angry and threw me out of the zone (the zone that i was clinging onto with my bloody fingernails and barely holding onto during the entire race). you can see how happy i was at the start of the race with all the other race peoples. compare and contrast to the photo on the right of me nearing the end of the race. i didnt want to start the race. i wanted to turn around with the rest of the 5k-ers. when i saw the guys running the other direction (31 min 10ks. are you freaking kidding me?) i wanted to ask a nice policeman to stop directing traffic and take me to my honey bunny who came with me even though he didnt have to in order to be my personal photographer. but i didnt. and here's what happened:

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