Saturday, May 30, 2009


since i now have successfully completed runs in two states and three cities (and maybe next year i will have goals related to racing in different states) i feel i am fuly qualified to discuss the differences in running in different parts of the USA.

i posted already about wichita but to recap: humid and even though there are sidewalks and crosswalks, no driver is prepared to see anyone actually using them

auburn: i ran home after camping from grandma and grandpas to shane and darcis (2.91 miles). there are TONS of cyclists on aubrun road. they all at least did a head nod and smile (we were headed opposite directions on the same side of the road, so i could see all their faces) and one guy even gave me a high five. later in the day we saw some members of jeremy's extended family and they asked if i had been "that pretty girl running down auburn road". i guess there isnt a lot of foot traffic over there. there was also the humidity and auburn has some little hills that were great to "try" and run (walk) up. also, i learned that it is hard enough to walk on gravel roads, much less run/jog. so the last little section of my run was really a power walk.

north hollywod: this thursday i went back to running my usual route (although i switched it up and ran in reverse) in our neighborhood. i saw lots more runners than usual (it was a particularly gorgeous day). at the end my mouth and throat were bone dry - i love running in the desert! several cars pulled into the crosswalk, saw me coming, and reversed for me. thats how it is supposed to be people. pedestrians have the right of way. lapd tickets people for pulling into the crosswalk on main streets. i have a long, very gentle hill when i run in reverse which is nice. (by running in reverse i mean turning left from our apartment building not right... NOT running backwards. that would just be weird.)

i am excited to learn a new running route soon - as soon as we have any more moving details i will let you all know!

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