Saturday, May 9, 2009


today was an 8 hour rehearsal in mott auditorium, which among other things cannot claim and air con as its very own. it was hot and miserable for some parts but fun and rewarding for some parts. i had to leave for our flag football game in the middle (although i didnt miss very much apparently).

during the game i caught a pass and ran about 60 yds which eventually resulted in a touchdown. caught another ball and got a first down. almost got an interception and in any case caused the other team to not get the ball. the best part was this: we finally won our first game thirty-something to twenty-something. yay laces out! seriously i felt amazing. i got a couple of comgratulatory slaps on the butt... it was great - the guys immediately apologized and were all like "well its a good thing your husband isnt here!" seriously guys its a butt slap during a football game. not a grab and shake. we're cool. jeremy doesnt care. he off playng with sweaty cute little dancer girls while im footballing it up with sweaty personal trainer boys. we have a great marriage (four years in a couple weeks!) and that sort of thing helps. :D

the show is tomorrow and then we have one mroe rehearsal on thursday and one final performance on friday. i am SO thankful that beverly hills high school and the mayan nightclub have air con or else tomorrow's 15 hour day would be the most miserably 15 hours of my life. im pretty excited abotu the show. we have 3 performances but running time is only 45 mins so we will (hopefully, fingers crossed) have some down time tomorrow (although we have to reset and spike all the sets at two locations... hmmm...).

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