Monday, May 18, 2009

griffith observatory

saturday afternoon we picked missy up from lax and after showering (we had a football game earlier) we all headed to the griffith observatory. parking is limited, and the observatory is at the top of a large hill/small mountain so we parked and hiked up to the building. it is a beautiful building with cool statues and murals and exhibits. after poking around some of the exhibits and eating dinner at the cafe at the end of the universe we entered the planetarium for one of the movie presentations "centered in the universe." although i got mildly motion sick during part of it, overall the experience was amazing. they really do an amazing job of showing the different theories on our solar system from the 1200s on, as well as putting into perspective the constellations and solar systems/galaxies in our universe. it was educational and fun. when the presentation was over we went outside to chill and look at the lights of los angeles. the city really is beautiful at night.

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