Tuesday, May 19, 2009

AI: the final performance episode

adam's first performance... missy doesnt see the resemblance to ewan mcgregor. i'm shocked. she also hasnt seen trainspotting so maybe thats why. he better win or this whole show is bunk.

kris's music coupon idea is kinda lame but sweet. but still, kinda lame. im glad kris picked aint no sunshine when shes gone. this was one of my favorite performances that he gave all season.

ryan said simon says kris won the first round. so i guess that round one goes to you, kri... who am i kidding? this is my blog. adam is freaking amazing.

round 2: change gon' come. not my favorite ever. sam cooke is pretty awesome. adam in a suit is kinda unbelieveable. and not in a good way. can you believe i just said something almost negative about adam? me either.

kris... war is not the answer - you are correct. so just give up already, call a truce and let adam win.

adam - to the victor go the spoils. like the privelege of singing a really horrible song for all of america.


Mandy said...

I have to teach all day Friday however I am free after 3:30... let me know what works for you guys! SO excited to see you!

niKnox said...

oh I missed it - am hoping to watch it tonight after our kickball game!