Monday, May 4, 2009

may the fourth be with you

if i had known today was star wars day i might have woken up in a better mood. the day started off alright, as good as any monday at least. i got to work slighter later than usual (considering i left earlier i must have been subconsciously pedaling really really slowly) and went about my mornign routine of turning off all the alarms at school. when i got to my final alarm it would not turn off. i had been having trouble with this one last week and had thought nothing of it (that 20/20 hindsight thing - i definitely should have said something) so after futilely trying to turn the key and get the buzzer to stop i started freaking out. my mom was on the phone with me and can attest to this. she said it was like watching a movie where they are trying to kill a bomb. the red wire or the blue one????? 3... 2... 1... and the world is saved in the nick of time. well, this wasnt a happy ending story. the buzzer/bell combo continued to go off and although i was able to reach someone who was able to reach the alarm company to tell them it was malfunctioning and not to send a security guy, i had been running around and gotten all sweaty and my carefully straightened hair turned into a poof ball. ugh!

realizing that i could do nothing to further help (or complicate) the situation i went upstairs to the offices and finished my morning routines. the alarm kept going off. all morning. how are our children who already have trouble concentrating supposed to learn with the alarm not only just steadily going off, but by now randomly turning off and on of its own volition??? multiple people tried their alarm keys to turn it off permanently and... nothing. the alarm company guy came out and had to take the whole thing apart and solder some wires together. so now i have a new key and hopefully tomorrow is a brighter day.

also my internet/network drives werent working for my first two hours of work which meant i had to resort to filing. definitely a monday.

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