Friday, May 15, 2009

oh, miss california

ok so honestly, what is the big deal with miss california? she said in the pageant that in her opinion marriage should be between a man and a woman and that she wasnt trying to offend anyone. whether or not you agree with that (lots of people do, and lots of people don't), do you not agree that she is entitled to present her opinion in a respectful way when asked a direct question? or are only people who share the opinions of whoever is asking the question allowed to speak? if she had said something hateful about gay people or done one of those bait and switch where she answered whatever question they asked her with her opinion on gay marriage (i.e. what is your opinion on the war in the middle east? well, i think that we wouldnt be at war with them if we could only ban gay marriage...) then that would be a problem for me. whatever happened to freedom of speech? miss california has a right to her opinion just as much as perez hilton does or you or i do.

then ther is the issue of the naked (or semi-naked) pictures. im not sure exactly what is written in her contract or who leaked the pictures, but that was her own fault. if you take naked pictures, or make a sex tape, or let your friends take photos of you toking up at a party and then become famous/successful, chances are those pictures/videos will show up. duh! so either dont do it at all or own up to it and deal. its a beauty pageant, excuse me... scholarship competition, contract and show, not rocket science. does anyone even watch these any more? with all the better reality crap on tv who needs fake looking model types strutting around in bathing suits and answering stupid questions with stupider answers?

this whole thing became a "scandal" when in reality no one even cares. the donald and his hair dont even care, and its his scholarship competition. why should the rest of america?

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annaO said...

I totally agree. Well said.