Thursday, May 28, 2009

i hate bugs

one great thing about living in socal is the lack of bugs. we have prolly swatted about 4 flies in the 3.5 years we've lived here. there is the occasional spider on the ceiling, and you all know about the cockroach infestation in our apartment building, but other than that there are literally NO BUGS here. when we go camping we may encounter a mosquito or two, but even then it is nothing like normal places.

all this to say: one thing i noticed when we were in kansas is the insane amount and types of bugs that were around. gnats, june bugs (i really really really don't remember these from when we lived there and could there possible be a nastier sounding and looking bug?), mosquitos, and... TICKS.

last night i fell asleep before jeremy and woke up in the middle of the night when he got out of bed. i asked him what he was doing and he didnt reply. then i told him i was cold and he covered me up and i fell right back into and sound and dreamless sleep. this morning i was getting in the shower and he came into the bathroom (he ususally doesnt even get out of bed until i leave in the mornings). i asked him what he was doing out of bed and he replied "checking you for ticks. i found one on your back last night - thats what i was doing when you woke up - throwing it away." squeeeeee! he did his inspection and i felt around on my scalp and i believe myself to currently be tick free. but im super itchy and paranoid now. i feel like the spot on my back is itching and am worried about rocky mountain spotted fever, even though i dont even know the symptoms. quick someone - distract me!

there are no blood sucking ticks in los angeles... or at least the ones that are here have the decency to walk on two legs and wear power suits. im not nearly as afraid of that kind.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

ugh, yes kansas and bugs and ticks = evil. and empanadas, oh heck yeah. yum!

you are offiically a team robinson-er. BAK begins June 5 and ends june 13. i'll be posting how we can track him and i'll be giving daily updates and stats on his progres. i'm hoping he will email me pictures everyday. won't that be fun?! YYAYAYAYAY!

i have a size small team robinson shirt, do you think it will fit length wise? if so, i'll send it your way!