Sunday, May 31, 2009

8th grade graduation day

thursday morning the whole family headed to central. max had graduation rehearsal, my dad had some work to do, and my mom, jeremy and i had a photo op spot to make and decorations to oversee. we stapled the mural to a little wall and collected plants from all over the church. i got to sprinkle grad confetti on the cookie tables (i dont know why i love this task so much but i really do) and finish max's tri-fold.

then my mom and i left so i could get my hair cut and we could go get fantastic pedicures. the girlie afternoon was interupted by some minor car trouble (like most of the time it wouldnt start, wouldnt start, then all of the sudden it started) and by lunch with the boys at chipotle. we all headed home to shower and change for the ceremony in the evening. that was the longest graduation ever. the kids "recited" (read from a cue card) their class verses, "sang" a class song (only about 8 of the 54 kids actually sang), lots of awards were handed out (the ross lamp and trey fraser awards being the most notable of those) and received blessings from mr pew, then finally they could get their diplomas. after receiving the diploma, each kid would walk down the side stagwe where all the teachers were standing to give hugs and high fives. the stupid teacher that almost failed max told him something about how she was surprised he did it, or something equally rude. ick. i got to see tons of my old middle school teachers, including mrs turner and mr pew, mr crow, mrs matticks... and lots of old friends and friends' parents. we went into central court for some punch and cookies then hit the road to a real restaurant for some drinks and appetizers before heading home for more SNL and sleep.

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