Friday, May 1, 2009

Katana or Pig buns

I was too lazy to take a shower this morning but have been getting tons of comments on my sloppy pigtail buns. Armando said I look like Katana from mortal kombat and cristina said, "cute pigtails. I mean pig buns." Mikhail told me I look like pippi longstocking except he said it in russian so ellen had to translate. Who knew lazy hair was so popular?
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Fair Weather Runner said...

i heart the pig buns. nice. i might try that on my next shower skipping day, which will most likely be monday... yeah i'm not ambitious... at all.

mommy said...

you are cute not matter what.

Aunt Norma said...

You are very cute but I'm not really sure if I unerstand your hair on this day. I think your hair scares my hair.