Wednesday, May 6, 2009

AI: rock classics with slash

danny, allison, adam and kris. im pretty sure i knew three of the four of you would be here this week waaay back in week one. kris - who knew? but way to go! i am very intrigued by the idea of duets - can't wait to see who is paired with who! (whom?)

whole lotta love - the obligatory cliched cutesy phrase involviong the song title... ok here goes "adam needs a whole lotta love with your votes this week america so he doesnt get kicked off!" (beka no need for the bad bloggie award - everyone was given fair pre-cliche warning). when he grows up adam will be a rock god. just a little freebie fortune telling - and you didnt even have to dial a 900 number! hes got the eye makeup thing down pat. (also i would like to say that i typed the whole rock god thing before kara started talking. maybe i should be a judge on american idol for my new career?)

cry baby - i want purple streaks in my hair like allison's. what did she say was the name of the stylist again? allison is freaking awesome. what 16 year old do you know that can rock out like that with purple hair and leather pants? OMG i just realized - allison is max's invisible friend from when he was little. she sometimes had purple hair, soemtimes pink and was a little older than him. she would even eat dinner with us... allison and i are totally peeps! thanks max!

renegade: kris and danny... is there some way to have kris and danny reproduce? their voices together are far more than the individual ones to me. also i feel like they were playing rock band or something. pose much? is this what american idol concerts are like? maybe these guys should make an folksy album together (NOT a rock album).

come together: i lurve this song. the lyrics are to trippy and the vibe just rocks. if only kris's hair was a little bit longer and he could give it a good shake. i just dont buy his rock star persona. he seems like ke is trying too hard. which is fine - no one is making him put out a rock album. but i think this was the nail in the kris coffin.

dream on: interesting song choice. aerosmith is not easy to beat. also his microphone is suspiciously devoid of pretty ribbons and sparkly things. what kind of a rock show is this? this was not good. danny, dream on if you thnk this song will make more people like you. talk about rock band/karaoke. ick. (not like i could do better, but im not on national tv trying to convince people that they would want to buy my album.) also he picked his dorkiest glasses yet to wear tonight and i dont think ironically.

slow ride: in my dream world, adam is straight and he and allison get married and have lots of rock star babies and tour and are my friends and then live happily ever after with a slow ride into the sunset. life is not fantasy (usually) so i have to settle for a duet on american idol. but were they rocking or were they rocking? woot woot!

good bye kris - it was great knowing you. and i think it is dannys turn to fall below the yellow line as they say over on nbc.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

no bad bloggie award. but it was allison who was booted??!! uughhhh, boo :( of course i never vote, soooo....

and uhhh yeah, seperated at birth for sure. and i am eagerly anticipating your arrival to the dub!! we can talk about our ears (which made me feel better btw) and sing, and eat and run. And maybe get purple streaks in our hair.