Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AI: judges' choice and contestant's choice

paula chose dance little sister for danny's first song. speaking of paula, she is really really sparkly tonight. speaking of danny, i feel like i am at a carmen concert. yes, i have in fact been to a carmen concert (my very first concert ever). i am waiting for danny to start counting backwards from ten. seriously - light99 can i get a witness? cheeseball city.

randy and cara texted kris with apologize as his song. shameless in show advertising for the cell phone company. i love this song. the best memory i have of it is from jessie's last dance recital. the dance that guy did was amazing. kris is ok but sounding a little country to me. not hitting the "too" high note. i thought he was going home last week but i guess i will have to amend that and say maybe this week?

i miss allison.

hey adam - c'mere and stand in front of this att store. wait a little to the left... ok perfect. now look hot and play with your att phone. real subtle guys. simon is all "i called up bono yada yada yada" and here is adam singing one. OMG i just figured out why i am so in love with adam. he totally and completely looks like ewan mcgregor with darker hair and some eyeliner added. and who out there doesnt like a little eye liner on their men? am i right ladies? :D hes all smolder-y. totally deserves to win this thing.

danny again - you are so beautiful. i freaking love this song. but once again with his interpretation i feel like i am at a cheesy christian "rocker" concert from the late 80s/early 90s. the gospel choir backing him up would be awesome on a sunday at church but weird on stage at ai.

this is like the fourth remake of heartless i have heard in the last couple weeks. kris's version why was better than kanye's, and better than that annoying girl mia from taking the stage (why oh why am i so in love with that show?) but not better than the fray's version. their version was hot. but this was definitely the better of his two performances tonight.

oh adam, i'll be cryin if you leave me tonight on the results show! but i must say, this wasnt the best performance you have had on the show. which is not to say it isnt great. just saying. hes still amazing though no doubt.

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mommy said...

i disagree onthe kris/kanye thing. he so brought it and also danny did some amazing vocal stuff on you are so beautiful. it is anybody's guess who is done tonite. of course adam is in a class all of his own. and i seriously miss allison. loveyoubye