Monday, May 11, 2009

what a weekend!

this was the most exhausting weekend we have had in a long long time. friday night we were in pasadena for broke rehearsals. the auditorium were we were rehearsing (and where our final performance is on friday) has no air con. i think i lost ten pounds over the course of the weekend. we were really sweating it out, especially us stage crew types who are in charge of moving lots of tables and chairs and walls over the course of te 45 minutes show. the 45 minute show that took 5 hours to run through once on friday. we got home around 12:30am and after a wonderful shower (its better than that first shower after a week at camp) collapsed into bed.

saturday's rehearsals ran from 10 am to 6:30pm. jeremy went and help dan and bridget move after dropping me off at home. sunday dawned bright and early when the alarm went off at 5:15 am. we got up, put on our black clothes, stopped to get coffee and bagels for cast and crew, and headed to beverly hills for a 7am call time. we had to re-set and spike the entire set (multiple times) so we were worn out before the first show even started. 11:15 am was the first show of the day. we had a pretty good show, especially considering the energy level of the audience was low and there were a few technical problems. as soon as that show was finished we repacked teh truck, slammed down some quiznos (thanks goodie), and headed over to the mayan nightclub to set up for our final two performances of the night, at 6 and 8pm. after re-unloading the truck (that process just never gets old... ok thats a lie, it got old after the first time) and resetting and spiking the scens multiple times we were ready for the 6 o clock show... which, while not a total disaster wasnt exaqctly up to usual performance standards. one actors's microphone wasnt wokring the entire time, even after battery replacement and several sound guys looking at it. lights came up during a scene change - awkward! im wearing black in order to be invisible. i wanted to be on stage i would have put on more makeup and worn a cuter outfit. thanks though. we missed a couple of set placements (the spike tape disappeared - awesome) so one scene was lit really really strangely. the computer that played the dvds of the short films the actors made crashed mid-show and we missed seeing an important piece. little things but added together i was feeling really defeated. not to mention exhausted. and since we hadnt been eating or sleeping properly for the last couple days my stomach was not thrilled with what i was up to. ugh. the 8 o clock show was amazing though. and i know people were still touched by the message of the shows when stuff was messed up. afterwards we re-re-loaded the truck to send it back to pasadena to unload on thursday, respike everything and repeat the entire process again on friday. the show that never ends. for such a short show it really took over our lives this past week.

thankfully everyone we are working with is amazing and has awesome attitudes. most veryone we have worked with on other shows or on sunday mornings so it is fun seeing friends that we see rarely. althoguh next time we want to get together guys, lets just go out for dinner and drinks instead of creating all this work.

i made it through three hours of work this morning before coming home and crashing.

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