Friday, May 22, 2009

Things I Learned Today

1. Just because Murray, my parents' golden retriever, lost 20 pounds since last year when we were here doesn't mean he can run any faster or longer.

2. The remnants of a cold combined with running (jogging really, see previous entry) in a part of the country that actually has humidity (as opposed to the desert that we live in) makes for an interesting time. When I could breathe it felt like I was breathing in soup.

3. Wichita drivers have absolutely zero concept of a pedestrian and their rights. I don't even know how many times we almost got run over while running in a designated crosswalk zone. We only went about 1.58 miles and got almost hit about 10 times. Sheesh.

So today was my unofficial fairweather runners day. Even though I didn't run with any of those girls, I was running in the wichita city limits so I think it should count. Can I get my t-shirt, beka? :)
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1 comment:

Fair Weather Runner said...

Ohhhh welcome to running in humidity with crappy drivers! I wish I lived out there with you guys... sigh. Anyway, OH HECK YEAH you are a fair weather runner now!! And of course, a shirt is yours... if you don't mind that it says team Robinson on the back of it of course...