Sunday, May 31, 2009

hanging with the fam

when we got to kansas on wednesday afternoon, my mom picked us up at MCI. we went to legends and ate lunch/dinner at granite city (city? granite something). when we walked in jeremy realized that he knew a whole table of men from k-state. ben kohl, the head of the housing and dining ambassadors when i was there, and dr. tracz, the head of the band for jeremy, shane and ryan were with two other guys i dont know. we talked for a while and then they left to a royals game and we left forwichita. the main project for wednesday night was to finish max's tri-fold board for graduation the next day. my mom had the board and most of the pictures so we did almost the whole thing (there were a couple pictures to print and a few words to print that we did on thursday)

after craft time was over we snuggled on the couch and watched season 3 of saturday night live. there were some funny sketches but overall i would say they hit their stride sometime in season 4 and beyond. although "two wild and crazy guys" is always good for a laugh. i fell asleep on the couch watching tv (hey thats jeremy's job!) and we all headed to bed for graduation day on thursday.

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