Sunday, May 3, 2009

candy girls

friday afternoon gaby, cara, karla and i stayed late after work to make candies for the staff for teacher appreciation week. why we had to make candy for the entire staff, including those who work off-site, for teacher appreciatin week is beyond me. but i learned some fun stuff and now offically know how to make candy! we made chocolate bars that say "thank you," chocolate covered oreos with apples on top, and chocolate covered graham crackers with sprinkles.
we melted white, brown and red chocolate in cara's special chocolate melter, and various pots from our houses that made pseudo-double boilers since none of us girls owned one. cara and karla had taken classes at kake kreations, so they taught me and gaby all about how to use the molds (tap tap tap) and freeze the candies to set. we dipped the oreos and after they were dry and the apple molds had set they attached the apples to the top of the oreos. gaby and i tag teamed the graham crackers. i was in charge of freezer rotation and sprinkles and she dipped. i hope everyone at work appreciates all the effort we put into this! i stayed until 5:15 (doesnt sound late but my new schedule has me off work at 3:30) and they were still going (but almost finished).

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