Monday, April 13, 2009

your five seconds

as i was watching the award show (and they do this on most every show of this kind) i was thinking about the time of the show when "they" pay tribute to everyone in the field they are awarding that has died in the previous year. for most of these people, their star of fame has long since burned out. im sure to their families and friends the brief series of pictures and movie clips compiled to show a representation of the work they have done in their life is very moving and meaningful. if you died right now, what events or accomplishments would be included in your five second reel at the award show? do you think the things you want to be included would be the same things that "they" think are worthwhile?

i imagine a lot of people consider their children to be their greatest accomplishment, even people who have earned top honors like gold medals or publishing deals or acting trophies. pictures of their families are rarely, if ever, included in the tribute reels though. sometimes (most of the time?) the things that the world would recognize one for are not the things that really matter.

i think my five seconds would include a wedding clip, pictures of me with my family and friends, and pictures of me from my races or cake calsses or something like that. the real stuff is family and friends. moving to la and making a new "family" within weeks is important. being valedictorian really isnt.

what would be in your five seconds?


Fair Weather Runner said...

Yizzooo! I've tagged you on my blog, ENJOY! :)

mommy said...

one second-- you. one second -- bryce. one second -- max. one second-- daddy. most important second-- jesus. love you.