Saturday, April 18, 2009

tree planting day

today dubnoff had a tree planting day. we had several trees donated from huntington library. we are making the lot at the end of the block by the school, which used to be the site of a group home that was condemned and torn down several years ago, into a safe, green space for our kids. the ground had been tilled and grassed by the cemetary across the street from us so all that was left to do was to dig some tree holes. an entire crew of firemen, lots of staff members and their families, board members, the boys living in the group homes and people who had seen the story on abc news on friday from our community showed up to help.

the trees were already placed where they are supposed to be. after we received our instructions, jeremy, cara, captain reyes and i started digging a hole for our japanese cherry blosson tree. we finished it up in record time and moved on to the cypress trees. captain reyes had to leave on a call from the fire department so the three of us planted the second tree. everyone pitched in and the trees were planted in record time. we had to leave to a football game before the pizza and news vans showed up which was sad. all in all, good workout, fun people, great time. plus we get that glowy just volunteered in my community feeling. :D

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Carl V. said...

What a great way to spend the day, and what a wonderful event. Gotta love trees!!!