Tuesday, April 7, 2009

class #7: fondant

this class was all about learning to use fondant. i have eaten one cake made with fondant (a cake made for one of paige's birthdays many years ago) and i am pretty sure we had fondant on our wedding cake (which was awesome but i dont think i ate any of... i prolly had a cupcake instead) and while they both looked amazing i am not a huge fan of the way fondant tastes. until saturday, that was my experience. after saturday, i can confidently say without a TON more practice no one will ever ask me to make them a cake with fondant. i am horrible at it! my cake had all kinds of rolls in it and tears and even the stamp i was using to make the bottom border took me a while to figure out. grrr! it doesnt help that i was rushing because we had a flag football game that i didnt want to be late to. i had a horrible dream firday night that i was late to cake class and we messed around taking too many pictures and then i couldnt get a refund for the class even though the teacher didnt teach anything. so i got to class early. cara was early too because the ladies said that this calss would take the longest. we rolled our dough and covered our cakes (mine wouldnt stick to the cake - double grr!) and then had the extra that we cut from around the bottom to play with. i knew mine was going to a bake sale to raise money for a trip mosaic peoples are taking to credential teachers at an orphanage in zambia (awesome!) so i really wanted it to be perfect. thats one reason i was so frustrated. another is that everyone elses looked just right - no one elses folded or tore! i had to leave early so i didnt get a picture of everyones cake but i did get to see gabys at work on monday - she donated hers to the bake sale too which was so great of her to do, especially since she doesnt even go to mosaic.

after struggling with a bunch of different ideas and trying a few things i decided to keep it simple. one color, a couple of shapes, cut, paste, and call it a day. everyone thought the cake looked great and all the slices of it sold so thats the most important thing. we made it to the game early, just in time to find out the previous games had all run over and we started about 30 minutes late. all that stress and mightmares for nothing. sheesh.

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