Friday, April 10, 2009

bad friday

our bad day today all started wednesday when i got home from work and noticed a flyer that had been put in our door saying that the apt owners would be fumigating our apt today and we needed to take everything out of the bathroom and kitchen and cover it and remove ourselves and any pets for 3-4 hours after fumigation, which would be occuring any time between 8am and 5 pm. are you kidding me? they fumigated a few months ago but it didnt help. when people around us are dirty, we get roaches, no matter how clean i keep the kitchen and how often jeremy sprays and puts down traps. it is incredibly frustrating. so last night i feel asleep early while jeremy cleaned out the kitchen shelves and piled it all on our coffee table. this morning we couldnt sleep in (even though he had a vacation day and i called in sick) because we had to get up and get ready, then clean out the bathroom and slam down our coffee before the bug men came. at 8:10 someone knocked on our door asking to come in and take all the outlet covers off the walls. "oh could you turn off all your electical items including your computer and your fridge so we can remove the covers so they can spray int he walls? oh and dont plug them back in til we put the covers back on later ok?" so even though the bug men werent coming til 9, we packed up cricket and left the apt since there was literally nothing to do.

we dropped her off at jeremys office. she has stayed there with him a few times and it is somewhat familiar to her and free. we left her and went to ihop for breakfast since i didnt have a chance to cook before the blew out our pilot lights. man that was an adventure. a bunch of fat people just shoveling tons of fatty breakfast foods in as fast as possible. ick. we almost lost our appetites before we ordered (due to the fatties and one man standing outside reading the newspaper through the newspaper vending machine window with a hgue mole on his face. seriously this thing was talking to us through the window) but managed to eat and get out without actual incident.

we headed to pasadena with a list of stores to visit and things to buy. first we stopped at run with me, a running store. beka i finally found a running shirt with a zippy pocket! and they had margarita flavored clif shot bloks electrolyte chews, which are my fave. the running shirt i foudn was $39.99 and i had a 10% off coupon from the triathlon. jeremy said "check the clearance rack before we go and see if you want anything else." i looked and the same shirt, in my size, was on clearance for $19.99. since they had mislabeled it i got it for half price! and i got to keep my coupon for next time. pretty good deal altogether.

then we headed to vromans, an awesome independent bookstaore i have been hearing a lot about and wanting to check out. i follow their twitter feed, and there is always something exciting happening there. while this morning was just another day in the life of a bookstore, thats good enough for me. i found zillions of books ive been wanting to read or have read and want to own but managed to only purchase one thing: in honor of national poetry month, and anthology of e e cummings work. he is my favorite poet and has written some really beautiful poems. as i was thumbing through the book i realized how much more he has written than i realized. very excited to read through that one!

then we headed to xi where i found a couple new shirts for me and may have found a little something (or a few somethings) for my sister's birthday which is coming up at the end of the month... we went to chicks, a sporting goods store that is going out of business and jeremy got a new racquetball glove and his own darts for the next time we go to the blue room.

we headed back to burbank and found jeremy some new trail running shoes at the mall and i bought a bunch of stuff at target. we picked up cricket, got gas, and went to the library before coming home to clean. it was a pretty expensive day but considering we couldnt come home we did alright.

once we got home we had to air out the place because the bug spray smell was horrible. the outlet covers still werent on and the pilot lights werent lit so we were dark and silent while cleaning the kitchen and putting everything back on the shelves. i got a horrible headache from breathing the fumes so we had to tie cricket up and prop the front door open to keep us breathing and alive. finally the people came and recovered everything so we could plug the fridge and tv and computer and everything else back in. they lit the pilot lights so i could start cooking dinner. i made an amzing chili if i do say so myself.

after dinner and three loads of laundry i started mixing the batter for my cupcakes for our last cake class tomorrow. when i went to put the first batch in the oven it wasnt hot. the oven pilot light wasnt lit. jeremy has been trying to light it, going downstairs to the property managers apt "she's not available, try calling the gas company," calling the gas company "we can be there first thing monday morning," trying to light it again without blowing himself or the apt up and generally being an amazing husband while i have been sitting here blogging, fuming, folding laundry, watching southland (weird show), and trying not to run downstairs and bang on the property managers door and wake her up and punch her because this has been a horrible day and all i want to do is bake my cupcakes so i can go to bed and go to my last cake class tomorrow and be happy. we were supposed to have notice of this "work" they were doing by monday and we didnt. and now i have no oven. and out apt is kinda a craphole to start with. overall, id have to say a pretty bad friday.

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