Monday, April 13, 2009

do you even care any more?

i am finally watching the oscars and blogging about my experience this year.

doing the overnight shifts was easier in some ways this year and harder in others. jeremy was incredibly supportive and helpful, especially on my birthday, which fell on the day before the show. by sunday i was barely staying awake and emotionally exhausted. when i found out i wouldnt be on the red carpet this year i had a breakdown, but jeremy managed to calm me down and help me get a couple hours sleep before the rest of my 20 hour shift on oscar sunday.

i started by trying to get my photo taken on the carpet by the offical photographer, but he was nowhere to be found when i had a break in my schedule. then, very frustrated, i made my way to the general photo room to keep an eagle eye on the photographers setting up all their stuff to take pictures of the winners and nominees. then we settled into wait for the show to start.

after the first award was announced my stomach started fluttering. most of the presenters come backstage with the winners and seeing all that star power at the same time is pretty powerful at times. penelope cruz is gorgeous (duh). tina fey is surprisingly normal and was really calm backstage. jennifer aniston and jack black were really funny backstage and jennifer aniston looked at me and smiled. amazing. she actually looks better in person than you would expect. if one can imagine such a thing. living well is the best revenge right? she was seriously glowing.

sarah jessica parker is an interesting person. erica and i watched every second of sex and the city in college and loved it. however, sjp seems more noral than lots of super famous people in that she often has bad ahir days and wears kinda blah stuff. having said that, even though her dress was picked apart by some critics, she looked absolutely amazing in person. daniel craig looked directly at me and smiled at me. i swear i melted. that is one fine specimen of a man and i dont care what anyone says he is a great bond james bond!

robert pattinson didnt come backstage. i wish he would have. i have a real problem with him and would love a chance to see him in person to decide if he actually is cute once and for all. he seems like kind of a chain smoking loserish scruffy boy. i did like his shaved head though... ben stiller didnt come backstage with all his hair - i would have liked to see him. natalie portman is just about the tiniest thing i have ever seen. shes super cute but looks super fragile.

certain presenters that you assume smoke a lot of weed were prolly high when they were on stage. funny, but total pot heads.

the five men who presented for supporting actor were a motley crew. it is interesting trying to get a bunch of men squished tight enough together and looking at the same camera for a photo op. heath's family was pretty cool and i could tell that winning this award meant a lot to them. the high wire guy wasnt supposed to go on stage and spent waaay too much time clowning for the cameras while balancing his oscar on his chin etc. i was annoyed but im not sure why.

will smith didnt come backstage with any of the winners he presented to. major bummer. karla was happy that i didnt get to see him because he "belongs to her" and she would have been too jealous. i would have liked to see him because he is one of very few men in hollywood who is taller than me (at least supposedly - you never know who is wearing lifts these days).

alicia keyes sure looked pretty. the slumdog millionaire musical number was pretty great. have you seen taht movie yet? you should go watch it now. im pretty sure it is on dvd. we tried to get all the cast together at the end of the night for a photo (since the movie won almost every category it was nominated in) but it never happened. the photogs were disappointed. i was too.

the compilation of all the people who have died in the past year always makes me sad. it is strange to think of all the talent in those brief clips. every year i recognize more and more of the names in the sequence. i guess i am getting old...

i loved the new format of having former winners of the awards talk about each nominee and present the award. theres nothing like being validated by someone who really knows what you do and can tell you "good job!" and it really mean something.

kate winslet was actually less attractive in person to me. i think she is gorgeous and has a great body and is a fabulous actor and mother and human being. her eyebrows however were mildly scary.

the surprisingly sexy award of the night goes to michael douglas. he has got the whole magnetism thing down pat. him and tommy lee jones could teach a class in being average looking but somehow amazing. sean penn is a weird one though. he really didnt want his picture taken at all.

i had an amazing night and did finally get my photo taken on the red carpet. i still havent actually seen that photo, but it exists somewhere and i have high hopes of one day owning a copy.

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mommy said...

i have high hopes too babe. love you.