Tuesday, April 7, 2009

are verbs cliches?

i do a lot of thinking on my walks home. todays walk i was thinking about writing and avoiding cliches (verra important!). somehow i started thinking about certain noun vern combos and how they always go together. does that make them cliches and there fore they shouldnt be used any more in writing?

sweat trickles or pours
as do brooks and waterfalls

embarrassment often floods

tvs always flicker or blare

stomachs gurgle

people pour over books

certain noun verb combos are repeated often - is it just because they go together so well or have they become cliches of themselves? can you think of more?

a note from the editor: after re-reading this post i realized the thoughts i was having on the walk home seemed funnier and more insightful when i was walking and didnt translate as well to paper... er... computer screen. but something that is funny is that one of my friends just told me she is in a [sic] fowl mood. is she a turkey or goosing someone or running around like a chicken with no head? hilarious! you have to admit that one is funny right?

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Fair Weather Runner said...

I actually totally got it! I found it funny Meggers :) I never thought of that before, but you are spot on with those combos. I say we try to avoid them at all costs on our blogs, and if either of us use them, we have to call each other out and hand out a bad bloggie award! BRILLITANT.