Tuesday, April 21, 2009

AI:Disco Week

chaka khan is a strange woman. that has nothing to do with american idol, just a freebie observation. every woman is a major song. lil was eh. she just isnt as good as i thought she was going to be at the beginning of the show. buh bye. (maybe i am somewhat ignorant here but what exactly is the definition of disco? this song doesnt come to mind at all when i think of disco... can anyone explain that to me?)

she works hard for the money: you were probably expecting some lame joke about kris working hard for your votes or some other such nonsense. you wont find any lame jokes (or cliches - right beka?) on this blogs. no siree. just like kris and the mystery woman (hooker?) in this song, i will never sell out so you better treat me right. in actual critiquing the contestants news, i liked the way kris's voice sounded on this song even though, in my limited knowledge, i KNOW that was not a disco version of that song.

september. am i too young to know this song? i do believe i am unfamiliar with this particular tune. can you hum a few bars? i guess technically his performance was good but he aint got no soul. i am just a danny hater. im sure he is a perfectly nice person but i cant help it. i do enjoy how they cut out all the video packages in order to allow the judges time to argue about who buys ladies undergarments but i miss seeing multiple pairs of dannys glasses. allison looked cute in his pair from tonight (the glasses, not his ladies underwear as i am unsure about his choice in foundation garments and am perfectly ok with that).

although i probably wouldnt wear them all together i am coveting each piece of allisons wardrobe tonight. shes hot stuff yeah! her parents better watch out for dem boys. the run at the end of her song - woo baby!

adam, if i cant have you as my american idol then i dont want nobody. well maybe allison. ok, there was my lame song lyric joke for this blog post. anyone else catch paula's tears? shes nuts! adam is good and thats all there is to say. week after week.

ok everyone say it with me: will this performance help matt stay alive in this competition? groan. i had to. we were all thinking it. pretty good overall but we are still dealing with the same problem - he just isnt as sexy as he thinks he is. but the most disco-y of the bunch tonight. is there a special prize for that?

oh the chin fuzz! why anoop why?!? he and matt are suffering from the same overly-inflated-opinion-of my-own-sexiness syndrome. not many men can pull off the whole wearing a pick sweater while singing about having sex. unless they are singing about a mana and not a woman. just saying.

whats the group song going to be tomorrow? is brick house disco? id love to see that song on american idol. just tickles my fancy. bottom three? anyone? jeremy isnt home tonight so im watching it live (recorded from an earlier telecast) instead of biggest loser because i have to wait for him for that. so tehre is time for feedback before the show. i think: lil, anoop, and matt. lil is going home. not sure who the other person will be. matt wouldnt surprise me. anoop wouldnt either.

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Fair Weather Runner said...

cliches = 0
bad bloggie awards = 0

nicely done meggers.

1) ed and i can't STAND danny, we are so OVER him, blech. he is BORING.

2) paula is indeed certified crazy town.

3) i think the final two will be allison and adam, lets hope, they are both amazing!

4) i like kris because i think i would actually listen to his music once he finishes the show. unless he wins, then well... he prolly won't do that type of music anymo's.