Wednesday, April 1, 2009

american idol: popular itunes downloads

may i say, what a weird way to phrase the theme for the night. "you can perform any song you want as long as it is a popular download on itunes." i enjoyed the behind the scenes video of the contestnats on the radio with ryan.

i think anoop thinks he is way sexier than he actually is. and usher, while he can groove and has a really nice body, is one man who i would prefer with a bag over his head. and while i havent seen anoop's abs (although i am guessing they are NOT as spectacular as ushers) he also isnt that good looking in the face. unfortunately ushers voice is way smoother. i was comparing them the whole time. i think thats the problem with performing current songs. also whats up with anoops jackets? he has a new (weird) one every week. also, it is a good thing he isnt applying to mensa. "i mean, her opinion is her opinion. all their opinions are their opinions." so glad he is around to point these things out!!!

yawn. oh is megan still singing? one of her arms is just twitching by her side and i can see she went to paula's jeweler for costuming tonight. does anyone out there want her brand of good lovin? not me!

(kara was getting awfully feisty with the crowd during her comments to megan... i likey)

not even kiding - has anyone been keeping track of the different pairs of eyeglasses danny has? he was wearing to different pairs in the video package, which (i think) were different from the ones he wore performing. as an occasional eyeglasses wearer, i am both in awe and jealous. unless they are all prescription-less then he is just a big fat poseur. i am not a huge fan of rascal flatts but i do like the higher pitch on this sad song. the huskiness of dannys voice didnt match the song for me. oh well. im sure we will see him again next week.

ooh gwen you better watch out! allison is hot on your tail! didnt as much care for the kelly osbourne-ish dress and hair thing but i loved the performance.

one of scott's better performances but i think i prefer shrek's. maybe its the brogue? does anyone else see the irony in scott saying "its just what i was looking for!" also do you think simon actually knows what a country mile is? and also do you think scotts hair is maybe a little more vampire-esque (a la robert pattinson in twilight) than seacrest-ish? i do. and thats one of the main reasons i havent watched that movie yet even though i loved the books. robert pattinsons hair.

i think matt made a really good song choice with the fray. he didnt sound that great though. i would have thought he was going to nail it. ???

mildly underwhelmed by lil's performance and her wig. it wasnt bad, just wasnt great. also during her video package with her hat she kinda looked like a cancer patient. ryan was wandering in and out of the shot on the judges giving their critiques like he was a presidential candidate at a town hall debate. cracking up! her dress was pretty from the front but there was some serious lumpy stuff going on in the backside view. when her daughter climbed in randy's lap and lil was tearing up though - presh!

again with the elvis hair adam? why oh why? cricket and i were dancing around the living room (which is also the dining room and bedroom of course). loving it. and him.

kris nailed that song. hello! good to see that kara CAN in fact count and did so correctly.

anoop, megan and maybe matt - i think one of you three has sang their last song on american idol season whatever we're in.


Anonymous said...

hey, this is amy koci and i just started a blog!

i have be honest - i LOVE adam too. my mom and i were really getting down with his song the other night. great performer . . .

Fair Weather Runner said...

Ohhhh I heart your AI posts, I know I say that every week. We were ready to see Megan go, white girl had ZERO dancing rhythem, although entertaining... in the laugh at her kinda way! I like your assesment once again.