Wednesday, April 15, 2009

AI: music from the movies

what does quentin tarantino know about music? i know he is good at directing weird movies and bizarre episode of tv shows but does he have any musical credibility at all?

i dont want to miss a thing - this song reminds me of my senior year of high school watching movies in mallory and tjs basement. gt gt. allison - i'd miss ya babe if you got kicked off tonight.

p.s. blake, the guy from tom's shoes that was in the first commercial break (for all you non-dvrers), goes to mosaic. tom's shoes is a really amazing business. check it out.

everything i do, i do it for you: when bryan adams sings this, i must say, i just melt. when anoop sings it... not so much. im just saying. it wasnt bad. i think thats the nicest thing i can say.

not digging the new judge format. maybe they could come up with another way to keep the show on time without only letting two judges speak?

born to be wild: and boy, adam is. he can get my motor running anytime! (oops did i just say that out loud? dont tell jeremy! it was supposed to be a clever play on song lyrics... but really he can. but im still not convinced on the matter of his sexuality, either way. can anyone provide confirmation one way or the other?) the boy can sing. should we just call teh competition right now?

have you every loved a woman?: eh. is he as sexy as he thinks he is? my answer is no but maybe other girls out there disagree??? his performance of this song does not convince me that he has, in fact, loved a woman of his own.

i didnt really recognize danny without his glasses... my endless love: i liked his cover here. also i like harp music.

falling slowly: one of the best movie songs ever. i love when jeremy i watching once while i fall asleep. kris's version wasnt as good as the original but still ok.

the rose: i learned this song at girl scout camp in middle school and have loved it ever since. super cheesy and my parents hate it (that song has no chorus! it is horribly written!) but i love it. this is my favorite of her performances in a long long time. having said that, i am so over lil rounds.

tonight's bottom three: lil, matt and anoop.


annaO said...

oh watching movies in tj and mallory's basement! gt gt for sure!

p.s. i meant to call you last night, but got stuck on the phone with someone else. i loved my box!! you are amazing. i'll call you tonight.

mommy said...

ditto all that.