Thursday, April 30, 2009

april is ending...

yesterday jeremy got out of bed when i left for work (about 45 inutes before he needs to get up) to go running. then he was going to go again with me after work except i fell asleep and was too groggy when he got home to go. he is amazing. i love running with him so much more than running by myself, even though he is much faster. he likes running with me because i am better at keeping a steady pace so even though he is ahead of me, he can still pace himself by looking back to see where i am and run for longer distances. we make a pretty good team. hopefully after my race this weekend (when i no longer have a race that i am "training" for) we keep up our 2-3x weekly runs around the block.

we are gearing up for the next mosaic production, broke. we stage managed broke last year and it was awesome. the show and its elements have been workshopped and improved and we are excited to be a part of broke 2.0! the performances are during our westside and mayan gathering times on may 10 and then a freestanding performance at william carey university on the 15th. we have our first meeting tonight (jeremy is the technical director - he is moving up in the world!) and i cant wai tto get a copy of the script!

i saw kevin mckidd (one of the doctors on greys anatomy) at trader joes on sunday. actually jeremy saw him (he has a great eye for spotting greys anatomy characters in the wild even though he claims to hate the show) and discreetly pointed him out to me. he was buying produce, wearing crocs. stars! they're just like us! or just like that percentage of the population ho thinks it is socially acceptable to wear crocs outside of the garden/hospital! maybe he wears them for authenticity on the show and had just come from a read through or something. anything is better than the probable truth. boy is wearing crocs for fun.

anyone else thankful that we never have to watch matt sing again on american idol? i will see him on ellen on monday (she has all the losers on her show) but after that... good bye and good riddance. if adam had been voted off i think i would have quit watching the show. or at least watched it, but not paid as rapt attention to it. or something.

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