Friday, April 10, 2009

yard day, tom sawyer style

last sunday afternoon we went over to lance and kris's house to hang out and help in their backyard. they have cool terraces but nothing is growing in them because of the sandy soil and the dogs, so the project was to plant stuff that grows in sandy soil and protect it from the dogs, remove a tree for their herb garden, and paint the fence. i started painting the fence and jeremy started up the chainsaw. at first, the boys were all working on the tree while the girls were painting. i made it about a third of the way around the yard when it was time to help kris prepare dinner. they bought steaks for all of us a thank you. once we got the baked potatos in the oven we went back outside and planted the ground cover that likes sandy soil. i dont remember the name but it has really pretty white, yellow and orange flowers that all bloom at different times. the boys got the tree removed and attached the freshly painted lattices to the fence for climbing vines. they worked more on it monday and tuesday so i am very excited for the easter bbq to see what everything looks like a week later!!

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