Sunday, April 26, 2009

taking one for the team

yesterday we got up (after a late night out with friends it was really really hard to get up) and drove to pasadena to help our friends ryan and sarah move. they were super organized and well packed (you guys rate #1 on our list of people we have helped move and thats a looong list) and we knocked that thing out in about 2 hours. their new little cottage is super cute and sarah will have that thing put together and looking good in no time flat. after eating some pizza we left the unpacking party and headed to our football game.

there are 8 people on the team and 2 of them have to be girls. we have two girls on our team. i get a pretty good workout during the games. i love it. i run around a lot and block and rush but overall dont contribute a whole heck of a lot to the score. jeremy has made a few great plays in weeks past and had a touchdown last week which was awesome. this week i tried to make an interception and almost succeeded except my face doesnt have any hands to catch the ball. no bruises to show for it though - how lame is that?

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