Sunday, April 12, 2009

final class: free for all

yesterday was our final class. we were allowed to bring any sort of cake and ideas we wanted to work on. i decided cupcakes were the easiest to work with, and after our adventures in baking friday night (see previous post), i was ready to get those suckers iced. using flower skills already in my repertoire (although applying them in new and interesting ways) i made sunflowers, hydrangeas, roses, poppies, and daisies. im no flower expert so alma could be totally fooling me on the whole poppy thing but either way they turned out pretty good. we had fun in class (no thanks to the cranky lady sitting next to me) and it was sad that it was out last class of the series. i think we might sign up for more but all the intermediate level stuff falls during the work day so that might be tricky. anywyas, the floweredy cupcakes turned out beautifully - i am so pleased. everyone at church and easter dinner loved them and was suitably impressed, as well they should be.

the hydrangeas are my fave and jeremy's fave was the rose (my least fave). how about you?

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Fair Weather Runner said...

heeyooo! mmmm, those cupcakes look YUMMMY! and yeah, i think i knew you went to trinity and asked liz if she knew you. i also share an office with katie mcatee, small world eh?

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so far so good on this for you. and YES, i love the idea! keeping each other honest and non-cliche, one post at a time!