Saturday, April 4, 2009

week in review

i had a good run on tuesday and an even better run thursday. i ran more than a mile and faster than i have been running so i was pretty happy. my 10k is in about a month (four weeks from tomorrow) and i definitely have some work to do beforehand.

thursday night we went over to the stellers to hang out and pick the book we will be reading for bible study. owen is walking! he was running all around the living room excited when we got there. he soon settled down and wanted to sit with me and jeremy. he has a vibrating teething ring that he kept putting against his jaw and ear. i guess those molars are really bothering him. i can relate because my right ear is still having sharp shooting pains occasionally. i thought the dizziness was gone but it returned with a vengence thursday after lunch. cara took a peek in there yesterday after work and said there was still a lot of fluid but less than before. according to the doctor i should give it another week before she gives me an ent referral since i dont have a fever/infection.

we decided to read crazy love by francis chan (mostly on amy's referral) and are really excited. we ordered them together (free shipping!) along with some more nutrient tablets for my aerogarden aka the jungle. i dried a ton of basil a while ago and will be doing more tonight after cake class and our football game. a woman's work is never done... sigh.

right now we are watching the fifth element - strange movie for sure. ive got my box packed and my cake filled and crumbcoated (well my cake is on the bottom and jeremy's second cake is on the top because of the little accident i had late last night) and im in my football clothes.


Fair Weather Runner said...

YAY for the run! It makes the hard runs worth it when you have that one great one!

I'm having ear issues too, have for about a month now. My ear tube is swollen so it sounds like white noise and like I am hearing under water in my left ear. I have the pain/dizziness too, it was really bad last night. Crazy eh? I even went through a round of steroids and am on allergy meds. GRR.

Sounds like a good weekend! Enjoy your football game. What 10K are you doing? I would love to train for a Tri to do with you guys out there. Any coming up?

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