Wednesday, April 8, 2009

AI: songs from the year they were born

danny gokey (1980) stand by me. i have some seriously strong memories of sitting on my white eyelet bedspread in my pink room listening to this song over and over and over on my walkman when i was about 4. that version was a child's (and an adult's) perfect song. the version sung by our boy danny today was far from it. sounded like the jo bros were coovering it for radio disney. ick.

kris allen (1985) all she wants to do is dance. that was SO average. not bad but it certainly didnt knock my socks off either. and i didnt want to dance. so hes a big fat liar.

lil rounds (1984) whats love got to do with it. #1 at fifty or sixty-something miss tina's legs still beat out most peoples, including mine AND lil's. just had to point that out. #2did anyone else feel like she was karaoking and couldnt hear the band and as a result was ahead or behind the entire time? someone get the girl a metronome or put the click in her in ear monitors or something! yikes! she has a voice but this was not that great. she looked really pretty though - her hair and makeup was for once spot on.

anoop desai (1986) true colors. girly man's sweater would look really good on me. wonder where he got it? im sorry. i couldnt hear what he was singing over the pinkness and sparkliness of his microphone. the pinkness was a trick of the light but still incredibly distracting. i was kinda worried there for a second. and why does he have david cook's birthday memorized?

why dont they have everyone sing songs from the year they were in 8th grade or something? we all have great songs we could actually sing with some emotional attachment. anyone want to hear my take on zombie or you oughta know? i've been working on my arrangement for years.

scott macintyre (1985) i dont know this song and if the original is anything like his rendition i never want to hear it again.

allison iraheta (1992) i cant make you love me. no need to make me do anything. im already there. and so is alot of america.

matt giraud (1985) part time lovers. channel jt much? the light show was really great. his perfoemance was ok. he can definitely sing.

adam... my dvr stopped recording before his performance. wth???? thankfully ryan seacrest tweeted a link to the video on the ai site. apparently everyone that tivos or dvrs had the same problem. thankfully he was back to his cute hair. everyone already knows how much i love him and i loved this performance too. big surprise.

please let this be the week that scott goes home. might be lil though. shes had a couple of rough weeks in a row...

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