Wednesday, April 29, 2009

AI: Big Band Week - the rat pack

jamie fox is kinda annoying. just wanted to throw that out there.

kris sure looked handsome tonight in his suit. (and humble too!) this was the first time i really liked him. i wouldnt purchase his album prolly but i enjoyed the performance.

happy birthday allison! who out there who is actually voting (not me!) isnt voting for allison? shes amazing! i love love love her voice.

dear matt, i am bored of you. please go away now. thank you. sincerely, meaghan

dear danny, even though you are a good singer and (other) people seem to like you, i do not think very many of them would actually buy your music. sincerely, meaghan

(p.s. is kara taking something? did paula hook her up? girl is nuts tonight!)

adam is still far and away the best. i would go to see him perform live and probably buy his album. he got some lungs!

wasnt very interested in posting my thoguhts this week because i think most everything i need to say about these people i have already said in previous blog entries. i think tonight's bottom three is matt, kris and allison and i sure hope matt is gonig home!


Fair Weather Runner said...

i'm here to holla'! waiting to watch results now (i wait until tivo gets it all, there are SO many commercials). i agree with you, although i still kinda like matt. but i'd rather him go than allison for sure.

mommy said...

i am so with you onthe allison voice thing. i could listen to that velvet steel allday long. lyb