Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentines day

yesterday we slept in and ate orange rolls with mimosas for breakfast. YUM! we drove down to h&h early to shop for my oscars dress and so i could get my credentials before the long week of work. after trying on several dresses at bcbg i found the perfect one. i will post pictures soon.

we ate shabu shabu and sushi early then came home and watched stranger than fiction and relaxed and went to bed early since i had to work today and jeremy was serving at church.

i got off work earlier than expected so when jeremy picked me up from the subway stop we went to target to buy cake mix and frosting ingredients and i baked my cake and made icing for tomorrow's class. we are making butterfly cakes and i am excited and nervous at the same time. baking has never been my thing (more jeremy's) so we will see how this cake turns out.

there was a minor incident with overfilling the cake pan and having to cut off the huge bubble coming out of the pan and scoop out some of the gooey center in the middle of the baking cycle but the cake looks ok. jeremy may not be interested in eating it but its for the decorating practice anyways... oh welll!

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