Tuesday, February 10, 2009

apparently, my blog is fabulous

just ask miranda! the rule of the game are that now I’m supposed to give this award to 5 other people and then list 5 of my addictions.

so my awards go to:

mandy lynn
amy m
the strickers
the sandbergs

congratulations to you all on a well-deserved pat on the back!

1. i have a cup of coffee every morning with heavy cream and honey. i only skip it on days that i fast and it makes me cranky.

2. i go to an amazing step sculpt class on monday nights. on days that i miss it (which are few and far between) i feel icky and cranky.

3. there are far too many tv shows to which i am addicted. house, greys anatomy, american idol, girls next door, biggest loser, private practice, big bang theory and the office among others. when i miss any of these shows, i get cranky.

4. obviously, i have a slight reading addiction. i crry a book with me everywhere and read in line at the grocery, in the car (only when jeremy is driving of course) and on my breaks at work. when something interupts me from a really great book (unless that something is jeremy or cricket) i get really really cranky.

5. i have many online addictions, none of which are as scandalous as that phrase may suggest. i read several blogs, check facebook, read go fug yourself, check my email, and visit netflix and shelfari every morning first thing. when something changes in this routine, you guessed it, i get cranky.

sounds like i am a really cranky person but really i just like my routines. i may be addicted to routine. anyone who knows me would prolly agree with that. if life monday through friday could be exactly the same every week with fun different things happening on the weekends i think i would be really really happy. i know thats not realistic and i have done a really good job working on adapting to change and spontanaeity. jeremy says i am doing good at this! in our almost four years of marriage i can tell a difference too. he is so good for me! love you babe! happy early valumtimes!!!!

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Sarah said...

Haha! Thanks for the award Meaghan!!