Monday, February 2, 2009

666 horror/paranormal reading challenge


You must read 6 books in 6 categories by at least 6 authors
Books must be horror, thriller, or supernatural.
You cannot include audiobooks, journals, comic books, or manga. You can include ebooks.
Keep a running book count/completed list.
If rereading a book, you have to have finished it at least a year ago.
Books can overlap categories.
You can use books for this challenge that you are reading for other challenges.
This challenge will run January 1, 2009-December 31, 2009

1. mate of the wolf - karen whiddon (category 2)
2. thirsty - m. t. anderson (category 1)
3. the sharing knife: beguilement - lois mcmaster bujold (category 4)
4. megan's mark - lora leigh (category 8)
5. artemis fowl: the eternity code - eoin colfer (category 5)
6.personal demon - kelley armstrong (category 10)

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