Wednesday, February 25, 2009

slumdog millionaire

jeremy and i went out last night to celebrate his 27th year of life. we ate at changs then saw slumdog millionaire. i can see why the film won 8 oscars. it was really good. the colors and music and people were beautiful to look at and hear.

the story (based on the book q&a which i am putting on hold at the library now) was sad and happy and poignant and wonderful. at first the flashbacks seemed disjointed and pulled me out of the story a little bit but 20 or so minutes in i was spellbound. we dont see movies in the theater very often so it was hard to sit still for two straight hours and watch it but that had nothing to do with the film itself.

of course, my favorite part was the song and dance number at the end to the oscar winning song "jai ho." i want to learn that dance very very badly.

if you havent seen this one yet, it is a good one to hit the theaters for. the colors and sound are so much better as a theater experience. i dont want to say anything about the plot in case you havent seen it...

dev patel and freida pinto are my new heros though. and ms. f looked pretty darn good on the red carpet on sunday in my opinion.

my co-workers cesario and lupe are in the background of this one (over her sleeved shoulder). fun!

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Fair Weather Runner said...

did you sneak into any red carpet photos!?