Thursday, February 5, 2009

rainy thursday

i woke up this morning early to go to the gym and realized that whatever kept jeremy home from work yesterday had made its way to the other side of the bed and there was no way for me to work out. i reset the alarm and didnt feel any better an hour and a half later so i stayed home from work. what a perfect day to do so. its raining. i get to curl up and watch tv that i have had dvr-ed for ages, clean my dirty house, catch up on skiing laundry and do a million other litle things that have been waiting for me.

im going to go make some tea.

what a great day! (minus the achy back and scratchy throat of course.) i think i will drink throat coat tea. yum.

1 comment:

mommy said...

awww. and your didnt call your mommy and tell her you were sick so you could get a proper --aww. im sorry babe--