Thursday, February 12, 2009

the final countdown

two more days of freedom until oscar takes over my life... i work during the day on sunday then my overnights start monday night. SO thankful for presidents day off! jeremy has a wonderful valentines day planned which is great, since it will be almost the last time we see each other until my birthday is over. seriously next week i will see him on the way to the subway and on the way home from the subway, both of which times i will be tired and not in the mood for conversation.

im so glad for our ski clothes purchases as it looks like it will be raining next week (as it apparently always does during oscar week) and the insulated, water resistant pants will definitely come in handy!!! i also bought "oscar gloves" when we were in florida - they are just normal gloves except they go up my arm to about halfway between my wrist and the crook of my elbow. last year my wrists got really cold since the jacket i am required to wear had too short sleeves and the gloves i had were not for people with my size of hands (while large, they are perfectly proportionate. just not typical lady hands, but definitely NOT man hands.)

i have my first real cake decorating class on monday. we are jumping right into things and making a butterfly cake. whoo hoo!

tonight is laundry night. also the office and greys anatomy. also cleaning out my closet. very very busy.

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mommy said...

very busy. too busy for mommmy.