Thursday, February 26, 2009


i have almost paid my sleep debt and spent all day yesterday pondering what, if anything, i was going to give up for lent. one thing that immediately came to mind was the snooze on my alarm. done. i will set the alarm for the time i actually want to wake up for the next 40 days. healthier to do this anyways instead of getting little five minute pieces of sleep until the time when i absolutely HAVE to get out of bed.

instead of removing anything else from my life i think i will add in exercising everyday. i went running yesterday for the first time in quite a while (damn you oscar! <>) felt good but i have a long ways to go before my triathlon in TWO WEEKS! eek! so everyday until easter you will find me running around the block, at the gym, or doing one of many pilates and yoga dvds i have at home. for a while last year i was exercising everyday and i felt so good! im looking ahead to the next couple races i want to sign up for and remembering that one of my new years resolutions was to beat my 5k time. i need to get a move on!

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