Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i cant let my mom beat me!

so far she has come up with 75 things and is working on more... i think i left off with...

42. i dont know how to drive a stick shift. shane was supposed to teach me when we both lived in manhattan, but then he got married and then jeremy and i got married and moved away.

43. my favorite color is black. at one point in college i could have moved to new york and fit in really well because most of my clothes were black, but not in a goth way. the funnier thing is that i feel prettier wearing blues and purples (and get more compliments too!)

44. my nana always told me i was born to wear purple just like elizabeth taylor and then i grew up and moved to kansas and went to k-state. go purple and white!

45. i've never had a ticket or really been in a wreck. i got pulled over once but was crying so hard the officer let me off. and one time i changed lanes into someone but the scratch on his truck buffed right out. and one time a lady hit me and i used the insurance money to buy a new computer instead of fixing walter. poor guy.

46. i dont like strangers and HATE the part in meetings or church when they tell me to shake hands and introduce myself to others. its not like im going to remember these people so why torture me?

47. if i want a snack it has got to be salty. chips especially. not a sweets person really. i enjoy dessert every so often and love my dark chocolate but i never crve it like i do with a bag od tj's veggie flavored flaxseed tortilla chips. sounds kinds gross but you have no idea how good those suckers are.

48. i originally learned how to crochet during a girl scout sponsored project at cowtown where we all dressed up in 1800s fashion and reenacted stuff. i really loved doing that.

49. my nana made my dress for said reenactment but she put a zipper in it and had to take tit out and replace it with buttons. soooo... my dres had buttons on the front and back. you wouldnt believe how many people felt the need to comment on that fact.

50. when i am reading a book (especially when i am physically reading it and not just carrying it around) i HATE when people ask so... what are you reading? i will tell you the title but please dont expect a plot summary and dont judge me. i read a lot of fluffy books and i feel like people expect me to be reading "weighty tomes" all the time just because i read a lot. anna karenina? no thanks. confessions of a shopoholic? gimme more!

51. which is funny because my top ten favorite books are all less fluffy than my usual reading fare. mostly sci-fi/fantasy and historical fiction.

52. one of my favorite childhood memories is playing inspector gadget with bryce and my cousin jay. jay would be the inspector, i would be penny, and bryce would be brain, the dog. we would always put him on guard duty then go off and play without him for hours.

53. while i like to try new things, i am somewhat resistant to change, unless it was my idea. i also like having a plan and sticking to it.

54. new things i have tried this year include skiing, aerogardening, and participating in reading challenges. and its barely february!!!

55. i am officially eligible for lasik. next time i have a couple extra thousand dollars, (when i get out of this elevator) i am getting my eyes lasered.

56. that crackberry thing that everyone talks about? get a blackberry and you will know what they are talking about. im totally addicted.

57. i hate recommending books to people because i am always nervous they wont like it and then think i am stupid. irrational? maybe.

58. i am a procrastinator to the max.

59. like my mom (it is prolly genetic) i hate dusting. unlike her, i do not feel the need to vaccuum once or twice everyday. once or twice a week is sufficient to meet my cleaning needs at this time.

60. one day in the future i would like to be a hippy and live on a self-sustaining farm. jeremy wants to too. i think i will keep wearing deodorant though.

61. the first dvd i ever owned was bring it on. still own it, still watch it, and have watched all the delightfully awful sequels on tv.

62. i love all fruits and vegetables except celery and pineapple. (and mushrooms if they are a vegetable) with celery and mushrooms it is a texture thing, not a flavor thing. if the pieces are itty bitty and i cant see them, i will eat them. i love my friends who cook with big chunks of mushrooms and celery to make it easier for me to pick out.

63. the pineapple thing has more to do with a gallon of solution i had to drink in 1997 before my first colonscopy that was super salty and pineapple flavored. between my trips to the bathroom and chugging down the gross pineapple drink, the mere thought of pineapple flavors make me gag. still. 12 years later.

64. one of my favorite childhood memories is my dad bringing home a tv from the church over christmas break (i was in fifth or sixth grade i think because max wasnt born yet) and my family renting ed sullivan vhs tapes and watching elvis's censored hips, the beatles shaking their hair, and countless other hours of entertainment.

65. my favorite drink is water. (evelyn anyone? anyone? anna?) just kidding. pomegranate martinis and strawberry margaritas are the best. sweet dessert wines arent far behind. i cannot stand the taste of beer. everytime jeremy has one i take a sip to see if i magically like it all of a sudden. still hasnt worked.

66. sitting on the couch sipping good earth tea under my blanket that darci made me with cricket in my lap and jeremy next to me watching house or lie to me is my current favorite thing. or would be if it wasnt 80 degrees in february.

67. my favorite restaurants are: n and j's in wichita, arigato in tampa, and in and out in los angeles. i miss garlic bread from applebees. i love alfredo dipping sauce at olive garden.

68. i love throwing themed parties and showers. (see photos on acdc baby shower, award ceremony baby shower, etc.) i think all the years i wasnt allowed to dress up for alloween exploded inside me and now i will dress up for anything themed.

69. i would give almost anything to own my very own customized playboy bunny outfit complete with cuffs and ears. however, they dont even let the waitresses at the playboy bunny club take them home - they stay locked up and they have to change into them at work. therefore, i see this as being a lifelong dream that will die a sad death with me when i finally draw my last breath. overly dramatic much?

70. when i was little (3rd grade?) i started my own animal answer hotline. i posted signs around the house instrusting anyone with questions about animals to call me and i would answer them. i had the whole set of encyclopedias in my room and i was ready to go. my parents tried to come into to the room and ask but i really wanted them to call. how they would do this from inside the same house (before cell phone era) i am still unsure of.

71. i also would read through said encyclopedias for fun and keep a list of all the animals that were mentioned. i dont know why i did this or what i hoped to accomplish.

72. i am a little bit scared of clowns. this is prolly why i cant eat at jack in the box.

73. the number 43 has followed me around since middle school. it was my basketball number, and so much more.

74. i have been swimming since beforei could walk.

75. i apparently like to swallow weird things like a penny (18 months), straight pin (16 years), and part of my tooth (24 year).

ok. i have offically caught up to my mom. maybe more later?

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