Wednesday, February 25, 2009


the love of my life turned 27 yesterday. we have been together for a quarter of that time (6 years!) and i cant believe how fast the time flies. hes in his late 20s. hahahahaha!!! he had to go to work (blah!) and we didnt even get to sleep in at all. cricket did come in bed and give him a good morning happy birthday snuggle which he LOVED of course. i met him at the mall after work for dinner and a movie. we got to talk to shane (also his birthday, weird how that works) and connect with him on blackberry instant messenger. he and darci drank the koolaid earlier this week! love it!

didnt get to watch biggest loser because of the movie but we have lots of tv to catch up on already. just add that to the list with all the oscar coverage and american idol. tonight is going to be very "busy."

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Fair Weather Runner said...

Wow, so all three of us are birthday buddies! Tell him happy birthday for me :)